People who still complain about Valtan release

People who complain about Valtan being released because they personally played too casually and couldn’t reach the minimum threshold of 1415, you need to understand that Valtan is content you and us will be doing Valtan every single week for entire year from now.

Everyone that complains is clearly a beginner at the game and lacks elemental knowledge, thus the complaints because they don’t understand that absolutely nothing will change even if they first time it in 5 weeks.

Only advantage anyone can possibly have for all the hard work and money they put into pushing characters, is getting some of that gold back by selling good accessory drops. Now, how often does one get good drops to begin with? You ran Oreha for X weeks by now, did you ever get a 30k gold necklace? 15k ring? No, because stuff like that is PURE RNG. You can be running Valtan in couple weeks and have good RNG on your side and get a drop that someone won’t get in 20 weeks. It changes absolutely nothing. Except, when you decide to push, mats will be cheaper, game will throw even more mats at you and you will have much easier time getting to 1415+

Biggest reason complainers exist now days, is a fact that those people relatively recently reached 1370+. And what did people who recently reached 1370 have? They got truck load of ark pass mats gifted to them, they had naruni and guardian event mats and honing books gifted to them. Reason they reached 1370 in the first place because game literally gifted them EVERYTHING thus far, and they didn’t have to work for it at all. When I hit 1370 2 months ago, 1 single honing book cost 10-15k gold ONE book cost that much, and they are now getting stacks upon stacks of those to help them hone for FREE. Now when people who got gifted everything in order to progress to 1370 actually caught up to what real honing looked like for the rest of us this entire time, they complain. They complain because they are too used to having all their progress gifted to them by the game, and they don’t like the fact that you gotta put some work in past that point.


I am sorry for the long post, I wanned to write just couple sentences but I went on a small rant.