People who think bot is a minor problem

Its not, maybe you are not impacted yet, but lot of player are impacted, every day.

People who get home after work, who can’t log in to play the game.

Economy are impacted everywhere, silently, even if you don’t see it, they are doing their job.

Reward we should get, all the nerf about gold, only for trying to slowdown them, its doesn’t even work at all.

More gold = More gold for the bot, so we nerf everything, player is impacted.

Matchmaking is impacted too, i have see some player on reddit who can’t do chaos dungeon, like at the start of lost ark, with the server problem.

You will tell me, why you want do chaos dungeon with a party ? Even solo you need the matchmaking, or you can’t enter.

All those problem is not minor, and if someone is not impacted yet, you are not sure tomorrow you will don’t get a queue too.

The situation get worse everyday, and i don’t think they can’t stop them, without brutal action.

Perma ban all RMT player.
Two secure option to log in into lost ark.
Lock up server to make a big clear.

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haven’t seen anyone argue bots are a minor problem.


trust me, they exist


Bot is a minor problem… for AGS/SG.

800k users is a great success. Lost Ark NA/EU is topping Steam Charts!

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the problem is when someone is not impacted, the problem don’t exist at all, but soon they will get a queue too, and they will know the pain.

Yea, A lot of people believe bots are actually good for the game if you would believe it. Got told one time that bots dont effect the game negatively at all, and that I shouldnt judge people for buying gold from them.

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I agree. But I havenn’t seen people claiming that it is a MINOR problem. It’s a huge problem logistically and economically for the game.

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Sheesh for real? sounds like someone trying really hard to justify their rmt lmao

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A lot of the people arguing that bots are a minor problem are the customers of those bots fearful they will have to pay store prices.


Big smiles all around in Smilegate/AGS. Partners and senior management patting themselves on the back for the huge success in the west. KBBQ and Soju all around on the house.

Elon sulking over Jeff’s success right now in the gaming industry. Wait for TeslaRPG’s new MMO, Lost Chargers.


but… gold would have more purchasing power if they were to buy direct from players, making the store prices more reasonable… these people need to take an economics 101 crash course.

Honestly if I had a long queue to play this game I probably wouldn’t.

I’m at my limit of tolerance with ineptitude in general with this game and the game I thought I was playing for the first month isn’t actually the game from that point on.

I’ve watched bots butcher games and only seen two survive.


which two, might I ask?

Bots? what Bots they banned the bots lol, we have t3 bots on a rampage in Punika, getting my life jacket on this ship is sinking boys…

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No its new player who enjoy the game man !


Guild Wars 2 and Path of Exile.

GW2 survived but I don’t know many players.
The dirty part about GW2 was they were letting the bots make just enough to justify buying more copies of their game. Double dipping by getting money from bots.

Path of Exile is the other. Still the #1 ARPG for years now and doubt D4 will stop it.
They restructured their entire system so bots serve as more of a bottom feeding system. Like bots selling fish here. They reset every 3 months which helps a lot but you can still see the bot influence on the market. They hammered bots hard one league and Exalts were 20c, normally ~80c. Comically the way they designed it. The economy sorta relies on the bots now.

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I’m not even sure those count as “beating” the bots. PoE is absolutely a successful game but GW2, ehhhh.

I’ve only played a few leagues of PoE and really never remember the bots being an issue like in this game, so I guess you’re right there.

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Part of the reason why in PoE is that bots basically never have to interact with human beings. They just go from map to hideout. There are a lot of bots in PoE, you just don’t ever see any of them.

i guess the league system lets the inflation reset too. problem here is its looking like the issue is snowballing hard lol

Oh you can’t beat bots. I said I only knew of two games to survive a bot scourge.

Bots are still very much in PoE but they don’t affect players as much because they can’t do content which gives big rewards that sell for 100’s of Exalts up to mirrors in price.

At the same time players don’t want to spend hours farming basic crafting mats like Alteration Orbs or Chromatic Orbs which bots are fine farming. So they still screw with currency prices but not much on items and it resets every 3 months so they don’t get much lead.

Bots will very likely sink this game. Seen it plenty of times.

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