Perfect area to catch bots

So this spot here is a perfect area to catch the zerker / sorc bots they come down these stairs always hugging the wall and due to their ms they lag teleport to npc for quest.

You might want to check this area out its good place.

They come by every 25-40 seconds

Shit, I lag teleport on those damn steps. Not sure that’s a good sign of “Is a bot”

There is no point in reporting them since nothing gets done about those reports. Seriously. They’re very easy to catch at NPC’s and like you posted, that spot. But all of it’s honestly, very sadly, for nothing.

Find a cluster of bots just camping a spot, hell, go to Wavestrand Port (you know, where you go to exit out to sea) and report those bots. Remember the channel number and come back the next day. You’ll still see them there.

Nothing will be done about the bots.