Performance Issue and Abyssal Dungeon Lock

Hi Amazon/Smilegate and anyone who reads this post!

Before anything, I gotta say that I really really like the game (definitely not bias even though I have been eyeing this game since beta in KR). The gameplay, the skill effects, the sounds, have all been stunning. Thank you for working hard to bring this game over to the west. And I hope the game would get the launch you aiming for.

Now come to the parts I think the game can have some improvements.
First, performance issue. I was playing the game in alpha as well, and what I notice is that performance-wise the game in beta is significantly worse than in alpha. In the beginning it’s the area chat issue, but the problem persists afterward for me even after the fix patch or after I disable area chat. Even though there are already posts about this, I still have to mention it, since it is such an important issue. Please consider looking into this problem or else it would cause the launch not as smooth as it can be.

And secondly, the weekly abyssal dungeons lockout. Looking at the daily content (chaos dungeon, guardian raid) and how they have “loot lockout” instead of “roster lockout/hard lockout” after finishing the daily amount (you can still play, you just don’t get the loot after a certain time), I wonder if the abyssal dungeons can use that design. Personally, I’m a big fan of loot lockout instead of hard lockout, since hard lockout means that, for example, if you play in a group of 6, 2 people will get left out one way or another since the other 4 will just complete 3 turns of abyssal raid first. I would love to be able to play with my friends even if I get no loot from the raid.
I understand that this can easily be circumvented with making alts and use the alts to do dungeon with your friends, but it would not work with highest level content when it just comes out, your alt will just not have the gearscore for it.
I also understand that Amazon likely will have no say in this matter since it looks like a core design of the game that only Smilegate can change, but I don’t know where else to voice this anyway so thank you for bearing with me!

In conclusion, thank you for the game, and above is the 2 feedbacks I have about the game in beta. Overall, the experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and I really appreciate Amazon and Smilegate effort to create a Frankenstein content patch to serve the Western audience, even though it means it can have some unprecedented bugs.
Have a good day everyone!