Perma ban for no reason. Help Amazon, i need my account back!

I can’t create topics though my main account so…
Steam acc : Faby ☾ - ID: 76561198123184757
Main char : Estrupícia
Server : Kazeros

Hi, I know I’ve already sent a lot of tickets, but I’m really desperate to get my account back, I’ve gathered all the resources I can to prove that I haven’t used anything, I saw a post on the forum where FhanDuh
mentioned that it could help prove it Perma ban for no reason

I have the same error 10010.

I have 1500 gear with 1532 hours of play, it doesn’t match any cheat or RMT.

The only recent transaction I made on the account was with a friend from my guild who emailed me from the game 600 basic oreha’s fusion, to help me level up an alternate character. I even returned part of the Oreha’s to him, as it was not necessary to use the entire amount I received.

I have many collectibles, being masterpieces, world tree leaves and island souls.

I think I got caught wrong in the bot ban wave.

I have stronghold level 30+.

I think it may have been an easy anti cheat error too!

I hope you can help me, I work a lot and lost ark is my only moment of relaxation during the day, I really like the game and I didn’t do anything wrong, I really like the game and I didn’t do anything wrong.


@Roxx please check


Roxx is out for vacation atm and we dont know when she is coming back.

But what did they tell you when you sent the ticket asking for information ?


If you look for other posts about ban appeals you would already know that the forum staff can do NOTHING about bans.
They will just tell you to make a ban appeal here Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

The last answer they gave me regarding tickets was this. since then they haven’t given me any more information.

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your going have to send another ticket and try and get it escalated be adamant you want to know the reason but sadly nobody on forum or CM can do anything on bans

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Please just help this case to get properly reviewed.


Forum staff typically don’t have the ability to view or investigate account bans. Which is why your other thread was closed. Creating additional threads or spamming tickets will only hurt your case. The appeals process is a pain in the ass but sadly all you can do is provide them with as much information as you have and wait. If you want to have an open discussion you will need to move your thread from the support section. Ban discussion is essentially prohibited in the support section now.

@Roxx little help here

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yeah i’m in the same boat man lol my account was recently hacked and used for rmt trading unfortunately I have proof that of my login history and emails and yet support just sends me automated messages. Having no luck so far unfortunately but I know how you feel man

It’s ridiculous for a giant game like this to have such ineffective support, I understand that the forum team is not responsible for ban appeals but this is the only place we can talk about it, since the game only provides a ticketing system with auto-response and conversations with bots instead of real people trying to solve people’s problems.

Players spend most of their time playing Lost Ark, invest time and money into their accounts to get banned improperly and they don’t get even an explanation or a proper solution, really disappointing.


We don’t want another answer with the link to make the ban appeal cause this has already been done and the only answer we get is that “the ban happened for a reason and any open tickets and new messages will not be answered”. Sure, then what? Should I cry for losing an account that has more than a thousand hours of investment, accept and remain silent?


yeah idk their ban appeal system is very bad imo I gotten a response from a CS but to be honest idk if it will help me I gotten a 3 month suspension but man I’m so sad because clown is around the corner lol

When things like this happens, i wonder why i still waste my time playing a game that doesnt support their players demands/needs.
What a joke!
1.5k+ hours and this is what we get =) Hope they can come out with a solution to all of these erroneous bans. And also give us a proper appeal system, it is the minimum.

he said he didnt do anything wrong guys he must be telling the truth.
nothing suspicous that every thread like this has bunch of first time posters :joy:

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Yeah right, ofc! “if a person doesn’t use the forum every day he is really a dishonest person!” :yawning_face: Are you seriously raising this as an argument? Not everyone lives on the gaming forums, did u know that?

Hello @Fabyz,

I’m sorry to hear about the situation with your account, however please follow the instructions listed in your previous post that you listed by the other forum representative since here in the forums we don’t have access to the information to help you also please refrain from creating new post about the same issue since the response will not change.

Thank you for your understanding.