Perma ban for no reason

I can’t create topics though my main account so…
Steam acc : Faby ☾
Main char : Estrupícia
Server : Kazeros

I tried to log into the game around 3pm. I entered an alternate character as usual and was logged out of the game. When I tried to log in again, I saw that I had been banned for cheating!

The only recent transaction I made on the account was with a friend from my guild who emailed me from the game 600 basic oreha’s fusion, to help me level up an alternate character. I even returned part of the Oreha’s to him, as it was not necessary to use the entire amount I received.

This does not make any sense! I have never been banned from any game, I have never used any program to gain an advantage. My Steam account is old, I have several games and as you can see, I have many, many hours of Lost Ark!

Please check my account log
i’ve tryied live chat , no one seen to have the power or don’t want to help me!
My steam is over 8 years old and I’ve never been banned!

Please Amazon review my case, I beg you!



Hello there @Fabyz

Unfortunately, forum staff has no access to the tools needed to review ban appeals, the best and only way to appeal a ban is to create a Ban Appeal Ticket so that the moderation team can review the information. Please make sure you explain your situation in detail and add any helpful evidence to support your appeal in the ticket.

Hope this helps.