Perma ban RMT is the only solution

Just one day from 300k bot bans and now we have average 5k q on west servers. In case AGS/Smilegate didnt realize, their appoarch to battle the bots have failed miserablely again and again, the only way to deal with this is perma ban all RMTers and post their IGN in the forum every week. Apparently, all the RMTers think they will only get 1-3 days ban even if they get caught.



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i really hate to say it but if they don’t start permabanning accounts i might as well start RMT’ing so i don’t fall behind, fucking sad to be honest and literally as i’m typing this i just saw a bot speed hack past me in Hypnos Eyes, fking sad lol


ok~lets try it out~

but I bet this forumn will be swamped by some posts like “my friend got banned and he never cheated~” “my account got banned and I never cheated”… ye~ye~ so says all the bots and cheaters too~

Or something like I got hacked, someone stole my account etc Lul

yeah they’ll be like yeah i made 200k gold in an hour but that didn’t get me banned, i must’ve been hacked and that hacker then bought gold on my account


They should make a event to reach t3 faster like the express, and perma ban all rmt , they will just start a new account and never rmt again, they buy from LA , and everyone will afraid to RMT, bot problem solved

I mean if they take this RMT thing seriously at the start when we at leat have 500k real player base, It would be so easy to do. Now they are in dilemma, banning those RMTers means lose at least 30% of player base.

5k que took even longer than last week, I assume it means less real players since only real players needs times off and log off becuz of AFk. Game is literally dying.

9.6k queue in Valtan. 3k more than yesterday. AGS is sleeping on us clearly.

Peak q for me is about 8k last week on rehendel. Guess bots favor the more popular server.

What will happen with those 30% when other 70% get tired and quit?

xD well i guess we need to ask AGS that :stuck_out_tongue:
They probly never thought about it.

They’re quaking in their boots after sending out bans in New World and the backlash they got… they don’t wanna make that same mistake so they are finding some really bad solutions

At this point they should just officially make rmt legal and just take a small % from bots

Queue is worse 1 day after maintenance compared to before. Lol
Whatever they’re doing to handle the bot situation is only making it worse. Need to perma ban the demand or bots will continue to plague our region.

5am on Friday morning and there’s 5digit queue times… ? cmon man this is unacceptable

I agree! But they also have to get a real team that handels appeals becuse people do get caught up in ban waves all the time… so some innocent people will get baned, not an issue tho asl oog as they have a team of humans that are looking things over and handels appeals…

I agree that they should get rid of temporary bans. My thoughts are this:

  1. Insert a new message at login screen that informs the user that if any RMT activity is detected and confirmed on their account, they will be immediately banned. Discourage them from the start, don’t give them a slap on the wrist for already reaping the benefits. No temp bans - perma ban.

  2. Account investigation/flagged - the account is flagged for suspicious activity and locked until investigation of RMT concludes. If they received gold from another user that just looks suspicious, perhaps has very specific quests done and no others, whatever other hidden criteria.

  3. If RMT is confirmed, automatic ban. If not, move along and unlock the account. Or take away the gold they received (and more as a penalty) and give them negative gold, I don’t know.

They have to invest some amount of money and resources into this, otherwise they’ll continue losing players and will inevitably (and very soon) become an unplayable and unenjoyable game.

The problem is that there are so much people that RMT or RMTed, that by banning them we would have more bots than players.

It would be VERY fun though. Seeing all those “oh sorry I can’t play anymore due to IRL”.

They need to remove their progress and ban them for a week or so. Simple as that.

Don’t ban them perma, but give them a +1 weapon. That’ll do.

Everyone i know who whales rmts now. Everyone was legit but over time felt stupid rmters we knew were receiving no punishment. Inaction = more rmters.

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