Perma-banned for a to me unknown reason?

As many of you have gotten a suspension mine turned out to be quite heavy… Perma-banned… Only given intel is ‘Code of Conduct’. I’ve done the ban appeal, with the typical auto reply of 3. Play fair etc… Now I’ve done 2nd ban appeal with my purchase history of steam and a potentially 3rd party program called Overwolf (which I use for Curseforge on World of Warcraft).

I hope this will be sufficient to get me unbanned since I really don’t have any idea of why I got banned… No botting, RMT,… I’m in the dark here, I feel little support is coming since my first ban appeal resulted in pretty much no information… Its like going to court and they throw guilty on you without any information at all…

Please @Roxx @Legumi I’ve done all I can.
UPDATE: This is the only post I could make as well since I’m completely locked out from all the rest… My perma ban still isn’t lifted while others only had a suspension… I don’t know how I can get more awareness around this :frowning: I’m trying to do my best here to get myself back into the game, but i’m losing hope every hour that passes seeing I’m probably going to get left behind since the majority doesn’t have issues anymore… Please @Roxx @Legumi Make them notice my issue…

UPDATE: I’ve sent a ban appeal to to which I still received no asnwer from Mods to this date. this is almost a week ago now. I do have patience and am very willing to give them their time, but I’ve come across multiple people who send their ban appeal later than me and got unbanned in a matter of 2-3 days even though they have the same reason of ban… So hoping to post some pictures in this thread to send it along another ban appeal for evidence…


I’ve come across this email adress while going through the forums for Lost Ark, someone got this sent in a ban appeal reply, cause apparently you can’t open any given links with images (imgur) due to security reasons. I don’t know how else I could give a clear example of what’s going on, so i’m shooting my shot here hopefully.


There is a number of people that have been hit with a permanent ban due to code of conduct - Commerce Lock. I’ve been one of those, apparently the key for the explorers pack that I bought from G2A got refunded on the sellers end. I never initiated any of these refunds… This did however put me in the spot of not being able to play the game I very much started to like.

On Image 1 you can see that my Founders pack and my apprentice pack are still in my DLCs in steam. Like I said before the explorers pack got refunded on the sellers end, I have nor ever had the intention of ever refunding anything. On Image 2 you can see all my purchases for Lost Ark have happened through the in game store via Steam. Steam has discarded the explorers pack from my DLC library, yet they do not show any ban currently going on for any game either (this does however show for most other players) which can be seen on image 3. Image 4 shows the email with the purchase confirmation from G2A. I’m not asking for a refund either on G2A’s end.

I’m trying my best to get this done the right way, I’m very much open to pay for the discarded pack again through an invoice or something. I never thought this would happen which would then also end up in me getting a permanent ban… I really learned my lesson, but I’m willing to do whatever to get me unbanned since I have no intention of refunding anything… I’ll even pay double for the pack if I have to. All my friends are still playing, I just hope this can be enough evidence…

Also the post in the forum states to send a DXDiag which you can find as an attachment.

Thank you for reading! If you need anything else regarding certain information, feel free to contact me.

My Lost Ark in-game details are:

World: Central Europe

Server: Slen

Character: Teriyakisan (Bard)

Alts: Clixsan (Striker), Umamisan(Sharpshooter)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Char: Clixsan (Striker)
Alts: Teriyakisan (Bard), Umamisan (Sharpshooter)
Server: Slen
World: Central Europe


Hi @Clixsan

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forum!

I’m very sorry for the issue you are having with the perma-ban you have and you says was mistakenly given.

Since you already have create a ban appeal, only you can do for now is to wait until the appeal team review your case and manually they investigate the reason of the ban and if the ban was mistake and there is any reason for it they gonna unban you and confirm to you.

I know that the waiting can be long sometime and you gonna get back to the game as soon as possible, but for the moment this is something only this team can handled.

I appreciate your patience and comprehension to this!

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf:

I had the same issue but I mistakle deleted the Founder Pack and Pack from my account. I already send an ban appeal. Hope it get unbanned