Permanent Ban for Expired Card Charge, Even When Funds are Paid

One of my static members got banned last week because of a royal crystals purchase he made a month ago.

It was for a small amount like 25$, but he didn’t realize that his credit had expired at the time he made the purchase, he has a new one now. Well it caught up last week, when he found he was unable to log on and realized he was banned.

He sent in an appeal and contacted his credit card company and they let the funds go through, so the money has been given back and the game/steam received it, but he received a message from Amazon denying his appeal and he is still banned. He had sent in another appeal and received the same message, basically automated with little info.

I believe that he sent in another appeal, but honestly I’m a little pessimistic because something similar happened to another friend last summer (but that was his parents charging back the funds while he was incapacitated because they didn’t approve of his gaming ) , and even though they said they’d open his account again in 3 months, it’s been almost 9 lol.

My static member has a lot of hours invested into his account, and I’d hate to see him gone and lose it over something like this. Is there any way to go about this if they deny his appeal again on the Amazon website?

Hello @Halcyon0w0 :wave:

Sorry to hear about the situation with your friend’s ban.

To answer your question, I have to let you know that bans and appeals can’t be discussed or reviewed over the forums. The web ticket is the only way to do so.

Please make sure to let them know to include any and all information they feel could help in their appeal and send it through the appropriate channel. I understand they have done so several times, but if they feel the ban is not warranted that’s the only option.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this.