Permanent Prevent robots

If you have to Lost Ark Apprentice Starter Pack
you can enter the game !
There will be no new robots

Hi. Botting sites will still buy the pack if the profit from selling gold online outweighs the cost of the pack… which it does, because people keep buying gold. So that idea will not work.

But at least Amazon will make a profit from the gold sellers? Lol

Bad idea, that fact the the game is f2p is the only reason amazon cares about bots, look at games like wow, you need to buy the game and pay for a sub to be a bot, if wow would ban every bot they would lose money.

Since in lost ark, the game sells you gold, bots act as compatition for the game, so they have a good reason to get rid of them.

If Amazon would make the game pay to play they will just have less of a reason to fight the bots, who pay to play.

Because robots only produce 400glod in one account

But bots have better price than amazon xD