Permanently Banned for Gold Selling

I was banned over a week ago now for “Coin Selling” or “Illegal Transfer of Game Items.”

Customer Support has been beyond useless – the reason why I listed two reasons for my ban is because CS gave me both of these reasons (in seperate emails) as to why I was banned.

I didn’t sell gold (I literally bought the $100 Founder’s Pack - that’s a huge margin to make up for if I was selling gold lmao) nor did I “illegally transfer game items,” whatever that means. Also, my steam account was flagged with a game ban. Good job Amazon, very impressive.

I think this occurred as a false positive due to buying certain items off of the marketplace. I bought 3 Lawmaker Sets on day 2 or 3 of the early launch for about 1,000 gold each. I think this was flagged as gold selling due to the inherent “worthlessness” of the items (they’re not - go look at their prices now) and so here we are.

The customer support team is beyond worthless. They cannot escalate tickets, and half the time the only response you’ll get is one telling you not to break the code of conduct, the other half of the time you straight up won’t get a reply.

Please improve and look into people’s claims of false bans. The game won’t last with issues such as this.


Turns out I’ve been unbanned, gonna DM Roxx on here so she can investigate the reason I was banned then subsequently unbanned.

For those of you who are still banned – submit a ban appeal (the proper way, not live support) and submit as much information as you can. I literally sent them a picture of the Lawmaker sets that I had bought.

Further, one live support person told me to submit a DXDiag.txt within my ban appeal as well. Look into doing that. I don’t think it’s useful at all but it may have gotten me unbanned.

Gl to those of you who are falsely banned and Amazon please get your shit together.


These false bans make me think they are going about bans the wrong way. People are literally afraid to trade items or send gold by mail for legitimate purposes. I want to gift some store items to promising guildies, but sending anything risks me flagged as some kind of seller, even though we are literally in a guild with a long relationship.

I’ve heard reports of gold sellers dusting accounts with gold emails to obfuscate their actual buyers.

Hello @rsq,

I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

I’m sorry that you had this issue with the banned account and I’m glad that you got unbanned later, every report is reviewed by a specialized team member and since all our reports are reviewed by them there’s a chance for human errors to occur.

Thank you for remarking this, the ban appeal is always necessary and is the only method to review a ban, we cannot review them via live chat or the forum.

In case you need further assistance please don’t hesitate in contacting us again via live chat or with a new post!


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