'Pest Control' is in need of a QoL change

Currently the mobs are being overrun to the point that it can be frustrating to complete the daily quest, even if you know when the spawn is. The mobs literally get destroyed so quickly that you cannot get a hit in. Please give them the 10 second 99% damage reduction buff on spawn.
Sitting around for 15 minutes hoping to get something tagged the next time around is awful. Even more so when you also don’t get a tag the second time either.


My observation, even on a quiet server, has been that a noticeable % of end-game (higher item level) characters, prioritized the storyline to Punika, and gear honing, and are now returning to much earlier regions for horizontal progression.

This should normalize/plateau (is that the right word?) over a reasonable time frame but your feedback and suggestion certainly seem feasible.

I’ve also noticed a similar concern with the early region world bosses (Rudik, Will-Willi etc.) Higher gear players are returning to complete their adventure tomes, not a problem, but when they are capable of one-shooting nearly every boss, new players who have waited upwards of 30 minutes are also being penalised from getting credit for completing these events. Just seems to be a bit of a unintentional vicious cycle for the time being.

thats why most/all bosses have a 10-second “take reduced dmg” buff so that they cant be one-shot instantly.
not sure if that applies to the non-compass world-bosses though, but i think it does.