Pet function not included in crystalline aura?

I thought Crystalline Aura included Pet Functions, but it doesn’t seem to be that way. I have to pay crystals for this.

According to their business model, -

  1. We have updated how pet features function. Originally, players would rent features on their pets each month and the pets would gain additional functionality. An epic-grade pet will be available for free as a quest reward in the early stages of the game. In our version, pet purchases are permanent and the features that were previously rented are now available through Crystalline Aura benefits. Auto-looting remains a default feature of pets, regardless of whether or not you have Crystalline Aura active.

source: Lost Ark Business Model - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG


That’s what I thought too. Paying 240 crystals for 2 pet functions is steep assuming that 1000orange crystal is $10 exchanges for 400 purple crystals, that’s about $6/month to use pet functions. That’s a lot…

I think they are just using an old build, they haven’t made the change yet. There’s no way they will go back on this.

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This change was made pretty close to the beta.
Its quite obvious they aren’t using that version of the build.

Again, Amazon is only the publisher they cant push changes as fast as they could if it was their own game.

They have said that this will be included in the Aura and it will. It’s just not included right at this moment.

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