Pet inventory - dismantle

I was in chaos dungeon (1415), when finished the dungeon I dismantled items in my inventory by clicking legendary button under the dismantle window, because I had too many items in my inventory and was going re-enter. I do it every time when my inventory is almost full and it doesn’t get items from pet inventory but it did this time and I didn’t noticed. I had lots of skill tree items in pet inventory and it’s all gone now, please help. P.S. I did dismantle twice, 1. after my first chaos dungeon and didn’t get pet inventory items, 2. after my second chaos dungeon and I lost all of my items in pet inventory.


Same here had lots of top items to sell in pet inventory all gone after usual dismantle. No warning of change, items worth thousands all gone gutted.

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Same. At least it was on a T2 alt for me.
Condolences to the rest of y’all T_T

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