Pet of fondator pack

I just want to know if we have the pet at level 1 ?

You start at level 10, but you should get it pretty much right away. My guess is after the first very short tutorial mission once you arrive at the first town.

But if i buy the fondator pack 15$, i don’t need to do the quest and got the pet at the start ?

You will most likely be able to use the founder pet after reaching the town and doing the guide quest that teaches players how to use the pet.

You don’t need the quest correct but It’s unlikely you can access it until the tutorial is completed. Keep in mind the tutorial is like 5 minutes or so. So its basically allowing you to access the pet from the start but not technically. This shouldn’t really be a concern though because literally none of its features are useful or needed during the tutorial.

Ok thanks guys for answer !

in the beta we could equip the pets we bought from the shop the second we joined the game

i recommend doing the quest anyway as you can put your pets onto ships you send out with your stronghold later to raise success rate.

normally, you can access the cash shop and the pet’s after reaching the first city, I don’t remember it is after or before you leave the Church because until this point you cannot access your in-game email and because AGS said the Founder’s Pack will be redeemed inside your Roster Warehouse, you won’t be able until you reach the first city and access the warehouse.

I am pretty sure it will be after leaving the Church.

dont nail me on it but i think all the stuff unlocks after you talked to the barmaid in the first building?

is the same case, after leaving the church you will need to talk to her and be able to access the

I use the Church as a sample for those who don’t know the NPC names, and I am not sure it will be the same names anyway.