Pet sound effects


I have a cat. the sounds in game are giving me PTSD thinking he is behind me somewhere wanting my attention or something.

I thought a simple fix would be… changing my pet from a cat to something else, the bird for example.

Which was fine… till i heard the sound again. I can hear other peoples pets, Huzzah.

Pet SFX button? slider? not hearing/seeing other peoples pets, save my sanity.

Thank you.

Unfortunately there isn’t a pet specific sound option currently (there needs to be), but you can hide all pets while still benefitting from having one out.

Go to settings, gameplay, controls and display and change the tick boxes under show combat / pet. Untick yourself and others.

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Not too much of a deal breaker now i suppose, but i’m sure there will be some cooler looking pets down the line… unfortunate, hopefully it will be a thing by then.

Thanks for the tip though!