Pet Unlock Clarification

Hi!, I recently discovered that pets have additional effects apart from loot picking, and that they are gonna be a one time unlock for a few gems in NA/EU (apparently in other regions it’s unlocked for 30 days).

So my question is:
Will this be a one time unlock for ALL pets, or a one time unlock for the SPECIFIC pet that you are activating it for?

Anyone knows? @Roxx

It is unlocked for all pets in other regions when you sub to the pet benefits for the 30 days so I would assume that it would follow suit and unlock for all of your pets, just that the “sub” price is now included in our crystalline aura instead of paying the blue crystals for it separately.

You are wrong here, not gonna be a one time unlock, it will be included in the crystalline aura, so it’s a 30 days too like in others regions, but not the same way.

You are right, you said what I was ready to say.

I am just worried about how the re-roll of the buff of the pets will be, with Blue Crystals.