Petition Face Costumization

Hey guys I’m honstely alr waiting for this since release of LA… Man I want the Korean style face costumization.

Give it to us, at tmwrs update o/
Sadge we can’t even use INVEN’s presets





you can us some preset but not all and when you try convert it into our version you end up with monsters
beauty seen by amazon i guess ( different skin tone )

SH demon form and face variety, the 2 beauty of lost ark ruined by AGS’s sense of diversity

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90% of the INVEN presets, aren’t even useable since they use diffrent tones and faces.

and I want em!

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I agree, our faces are really meh compared to korean ones but is it wanted by AGS or Korea got an update at some point ?

Agree, we need more faces both for female and male .
We have few faces that are 99% the same with just a little difference , which is like the eyebrows are more thin or thick , or something else that is barely noticeable.

i know i know i used maybe 60 to have 15-20 working but it’s amazon decision to have westernisation

amazon wanted to do this like black shadow hnter

It’s confirmed that they want the SH to stay like that but what about the faces ? Did we have any confirmation stating that it’s wanted or not ? I want facts

nothing screams diversity like forcing us their choice rather than simply adding on top of existing ones, right?


i’m sure they don’t even know cause they don’t play the game so don’t except anythinglook

at their silence about sh with so many post at more that 500 answer 2k view, they had to a
“dev team” account to post about it on the official section

Find the differences :

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check the bottom line some beauty here

thats the thing they just need to add in… not creating new ones

Diversity on its peek

if they can’t just give us the other sh option they’ll never add the preset kr
they’ll just let the game die slowly

they rather patch everything in since it doesn’t affect anything in the first place, lazy AGS

business intelligence, westernisation u know

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ye just kinda unlogical answer lmfao

bro, if u want the korean modele face its okay, but dont say such things

Because u disrespect european modele face and this is the modele i personally prefer. I rly dont like the korean modele cause it looks unatural in my opinion.

So you could just ask for KR modele cause u prefer it without disrespect