Petition for AGS CMs/Staff To Do A Charity Live Stream From T1 - T3

The idea came from this old New World thread: Petition For NW Devs To Do A Charity Live Stream Run Of Myrkguard - General Discussion - New World Forums

I know @Roxx and @Shadow_Fox have been wanting player feedback, and what better way to get feedback than to play through the game yourselves to understand the problems.

A lot of concerns were:

T1/T2 Honing being rough if given bad RNG

T3 Content being sparse

1340 - 1370 grind being very mind numbing for lots of people due to lack of QoL features

There’s more concerns too including lack of classes/uncensored skins/etc.

I think this would be a great chance for the AGS staff and team that runs the publishing here in the West to play the Western version of the game that they themselves created and for us to see firsthand their reactions to the systems in place.

I support this petition.

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WHAT? This makes no sense the CMs dont design the game nor do they have any say in the direction of the game. Go learn Korean and ask Gold River to play his own game with a normal account.

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They control the version we have in the West.

The Community managers do? Oh really?

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It makes perfect sense, if theyre here for support and are on the first line, why shouldnt they have first hand experience?

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They control the flow of content, they’re the publishers. They clearly didn’t put in anything KR has despite us having downloaded those game files (skins/etc.), they have power in it as well as SG.

If they want to succeed in the West, have them play the version they brought us here live in front of the world and they’ll get more feedback from that than any of the current channels they get feedback from.

Someone at AGS needs to play, thats for DAMN sure, however the problem there is how can we be sure they wont just try to push their own narrative?

I think you’re confusing people with what you’re saying. Are you referring to the Community Managers or Smilegate? CM have only the ability to inform their higher ups in no way are they decision makers. They’re messengers.

Messengers should know the proper message to send to their higher ups. Playing it will directly inform of them the state of the game.

OP did list devs, and i dont think the CMs are devs, but they speak to them…

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I think this may disappoint you but their positions typically are not very important enough for them to cause a change in the game. It’d be their heads or those in SG.

Smilegate wants us to be caught up to Korea. So i dont think the bottleneck here is Smilegate.

I understand but I threw them in just in case, I think one of the two 2 CMs streams also so it only makes sense that if a live playing of the game happens that the AGS team as a whole should be there if possible.

The more people that can be alerted at the state of the game the better.

Up to you to believe who does it but since SG makes the builds they 100% know what is going on.

I like how everyone thinks this is AGS problem when smilegate released this game in t1 in Japan with 0 content. They’ve been doing this type of release with slow monthly chunk updates and holding back skins. For multiple region releases now. Its not a AGS decision.

Well that is directly contrary to Goldrivers words.

To be fair we have only had 1 month release of content so we do not know if the current month’s content is small or not. Also our first update was small as crap. Just one raid.

Gold river said argos 1month after release. Nothing he said bas been wrong. He also said that all classes are ready to be released but he didnt say when and how many will be released at once.

So, who speaks to us on the forums? Smilegate or AGS?