Petition For DPS Meter

Hi All,

Lets start a petition for DPS Meter. This was quite the hot topic in back in May, and Gold River specifically said LAO will not allow DPS meter but we can still get our voices heard and petition for DPS Meter.

DPS Meter +1!



But there is one in game and its rather useful for testing builds out and seeing how well your personal performance is. If you need some validation in boss fights well is the boss dead then you did enough if you hit enrage and everyone is alive well your group sucks. We all know how quickly a dps meter would just be used for harassment just look at world of warcraft if you need a good example of this


They’re banning players in Korea for using DPS meters and AGS were strictly advised to do the same.


Fuck no.


The trixion meter is useless to diagnose group problems. And the MVP screen is useless as it’s after everything’s done so serves no purpose other than wank material. I want things like real-time display of stagger damage.


Agreed, the only people against DPS meters are the ones insecure about their performance. I’d like to just use it to analyze my own rotation in a non-trixion setting, but god forbid the snowflakes.


It’s so popular in Korea that people are using it anyway. Just have to not post pics of doing so.


Hell no, as the director said in his surprise announcement video that there are more con than pros when implementing DPS meter. And I don’t want another reason for my party leader to flame one of my teammate because one of us can’t meet a certain damage quota during a legion raid and resulting in us arguing and disbanding the party.


Just do damage forehead :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


the chaos it would bring along the way…

Didn’t he also tell you that pheons were to prevent flipping? Maybe it’s time to think for yourself.


How else are we going to be able to prevent people from flipping stones? :joy:



you make a good point except that feature I feel is quite different from your actual dps in boss fights or guardian raids because you also have teammates and various boss movements. That doesn’t quite show your “true” dps. It only shows your optimal at best.

In terms of how much dps meter would be used for harassment that really depends on the players right? The “good” tools in the hands of the wrong people will always have bad results. Just look at bots farming chaos dungeons.

Also, people are already being harassed even without the dps meter.
People discriminate against rainbow stats and non-meta engravings. Does that mean we should stop people from being able to check our stats and engravings?

Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with WoW but I know that this game is quite different from WoW, so why not give it a try? :smiley:

Yeah that’s true and it’s sadage :frowning:

We can still let our voices be heard though!

Apples to oranges. They are not even remotely comparable.

DPS meters are dumb. Keep that garbage away, thanks.


YASSSSS. That’s what I’m talking about. Implement stagger damage as well as weak point damage. Throw in a counter too!

That’s awesome man. That’s a +1 DPS meter!

These fearless KR players legit dgaf.

They inspired me to start this petition.

More con than pros but yet still desired by so many people, so why not?

I hear you about using DPS quota as reason to flame but wouldn’t that be the same as checking stats and engravings? Should we disable that as well?

makes the game exciting and competitive :smiley: