Petition For DPS Meter

rejected straight from pf applicaiton

if they take too long to transform you can pretty easily see as long as you watch them play. since SH has really long cooldown you will see them just randomly walk around a lot.

i didn’t need a dps meter for this

they can literally look at how big the doomsday number is. a sorc whose dps spread looks like that would never pass the initial pf check because it’s very likely a combination of bad combat stats and bad engravings.

either case, 99% of player will just see annihilator title in mvp screen and just flame them for bad dps. nobody is going to spend 20s looking at a log and be like hey bro you need to build and play like this. they will just flame and queue the next yoho/deskaluda, or just vote to quit the instant they see the poor distribution. in pf scenario you would never accept them and in matchmaking nobody is going to look up someone’s distribution and tell them how to play.

None of the info I just listed is available from trixion.

except it is.

uptime is simply how many skills you landed vs how many you cast with some consideration for how long it was off cooldown. it’s also a very bad indication of dps because some classes have significant self buffs. gunlancer only wants to cast skills during the 5s after landing bash, but to get higher uptime on dps skills some gunlancers just cast them without the ready attack buff. wardancer can get higher uptime on dps skill by casting skills without prepping ready attack with either wind’s whisper or sky shattering blow. zerker should never be casting dps skill without the crit rate buff from red dust or chain sword or mountain crash. you either know how to play your class or you figure this out in trixion. the uptime% in a dpsmeter is very unhelpful in this regard. maxroll is very unhelpful in this regard because it often just tells you to use all your skills immediately after self buff when the buff will likely expire.

in trixion, you can already figure out what is the best damage distribution for your class. the only reason it changes in practice is because you missed.

generating gauge is simply a play/tripod/rune issue. for play, it’s because you missed. tripod/rune you would’ve figured out in trixion. same thing goes for gauge utilization.

lost ark is not a game where you are simulcasting many skills at the same time and need to make sure they are all landing optimally, which a dps meter would actually be pretty useful for because you can’t really focus on that many things at the same time. as long as you know how you are supposed to play you will not need a dps meter to help you improve, because the areas for improvement are quite clear. it only provides additional avenues to get randomly gatekept/toxicity. at most around 5% of users are going to use it to help friends improve. if you’re not playing your class well, then it’s pretty evident by the mvp screen and then you can just look at a random youtube video and figure out how to play the class properly. people who aren’t going to look at a youtube video aren’t going to check their logs and figure out what is wrong with their build.

all of this is coming from someone who used to main wd up to 970 and now has a 1385 (previously 1370) wd alt that keeps getting 45% cruel fighter in yoho for no reason, even vs 1410 sorc/zerk/etc. i check stat/engraving at the start and i immediately know if it’s going to be a 3 minute yoho where i get fighter or annihilator or a 5+ minute yoho where i get cruel fighter. the times i’m wrong i can clearly see people just tanking hits left and right, dying randomly, not using potions, running away from boss, etc.

There are no plans to add a DPS meter in game at this time. The team is aware of the feedack but SG feels strongly against adding DPS meters in game.



Smilegate is Smilegate


I think allowing players to use it individually and saying don’t abuse it or be toxic/talk about it to abuse in-game is good enough.

Make AGS great again.

AGS is the publisher. SG is the developer.


Literally no need for it.
Everytime it gets mentioned, it goes to people fighting, so that should already make it clear, what it brings, only toxicity.


No let’s not.
It’s players like you that came from Wow or Lol that are ruining this game and is toxic to the max.
Too bad Amazon keeps listening to you guys instead of the real Lost Ark fans, the players that played in Kr, Ru and Jp.

As it stands we’re caught up on DPS and item level pushing instead of actually enjoying the game and all it has to offer. FF14 is the best example of what a great community is. I felt Ru community was like that as well until the tools came along for the NA/US release and this game became anything that we used to like and/or love.

DPS Meter makes the game too easy when you know how much health is remaining during a run. 5x3 and item level already gives you an idea of who is going to be doing the most dps anyway.


I play MMORPG games for 20 years, and I have never need DPS meter in any of those games.

If you know the game, you can see who is good and who is not. You dont need features to show you who is lacking or who is not.


Gamer’s these days dont use brain to play a game, they want to see everything, all displayed, everything shown, and everything easy to do.

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we dont need dps meters. better to play wow or other games that have this dumb meter. You just wanna start something elitist and make this game unjoyable for people who are avoiding those things. i agree with @Asag

“To make out problems of the party in real time”

If your eyes cant tell the problem you are wiping then you are a bad raidlead and no dps meter will help you.

This post just shows how bad of a player dps meter-users are. And there is no point giving you the entitlement of using a high dps class and kicking players who actually stop dps to play a mechanic properly.

i am wondering how smart LAO’s commnuity. it’s like u get clear answer that no dps metters will be in this game and people still argue here almost for a month (topic was started 16.06 and last posts today) wtf…

This topic needs to die pls :pensive:

I wouldnt mind a personal % of dmg, so I can see how I did overall.
Enoying to have to be MVP to see it!

Did you even think or read through this as you typed it out?

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Good thing the new MVP screen designs shown at LOA ON show exactly this for all 4 people…

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The topic for the mentally challenged has resurfaced. R.I.P.

Ah yes, 4 people out of the 8. Very nice.

Ahh, a Stoopz viewer. This explains a lot.

That’s the entire point of them being the Publisher, not the developer. The Publisher is there to provide feedback to the Developer on the progression in that published region, they can work with them to change certain things, but they do not have creative control themselves.

If Smilegate do not want a DPS meter, because it interferes with their creative vision for the game, then there is absolutely nothing AGS can do about that.

Please, do keep coming up with completely irrelevant examples. Account rules and restrictions are not applicable to creative control or direction, there’s nothing preventing you from doing it either, it’s just not endorsed. Yoz’s jar was communicated as feedback to Smilegate and the collaborative decision was made to remove it in its current form on the originally intended release, it’s something that Smilegate were willing to work with and hadn’t commented on before.

None of these things are even remotely comparable to changing something that the director has already stated goes against the creative vision of the game and has clearly stated multiple times they do not want in the game… get it? They do not want DPS meters, it doesn’t matter how much you want to argue for them, the developers do not want it in their game, the positives do not outweigh the negatives in their opinion. End of.

It’s ironic that you want to “educate” me, yet you struggle to draw logical conclusions from the facts already presented to you and attempt to make comparisons to fit your narrative that aren’t comparable.