Petition For DPS Meter

Just use the player made one.
And let me know so I can report your ass to be banned

nah u dont need dps meter stop this cringe already :clown_face:

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I don’t think an in-game DPS meter should be implemented. However, I think that people shouldn’t be banned for using a 3rd party meter if they want to use one.

Toxicity is always something to be concerned about, whether a meter is involved or not. I’m completely on the side of handing out punishment to players who are toxic about DPS in game.

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Because its better than a dps meter…/the end

i’m against dps meters! :slight_smile:

No thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you get banned. :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

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Yes, that’s exactly what we need right now.

Bots are outnumbering real players 4 maybe 5 to 1, RMTers are in the tens of thousands probably, the economy is in the shitter, AGS don’t know what they’re releasing on the shop in their own patch, hell, they can’t even fix a damn mouse cursor bug for weeks…

But we need them and Smilegate to work on a oh-so desperately “needed” DPS meter to boost the ego of some WoW kiddies.

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You have a DPS meter already in Trixion, get your ass there and configure your setup :joy:. If you want to get an idea of your DPS, that tool is great and it’s an accurate reference.

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Whatever you mentioned above with lancemaster and wardancer require research and understanding of the game.

What if new player were to join or people who doesn’t research on jobs and class prior to playing a class ?

They need physically numbers on the screen while playing to know and as time past, even idiots will know what’s the problem as it’s infront of them at all time.

You can’t always assume people are dumb and gatekeeping with all the yada yada reason. There is no such thing as a dumb person only a lazy person.

So i’m guildless yet competitive and you’re telling me that a DPS meter won’t benefit me ? i strongly believe DPS meter benefit everyone whose competitive and it actually allow people to learn their class in actual fights and team setup rather than a solo based trixion.

With that being said, AGS/SG won’t be implementing it anyway looool.

don’t be silly, whales can only accept discrimination based on gear and engravings, not actual performance.


Whales only care about how fast the run is finished, high ilvl doesn’t mean high damage.

That being said, not many people actually know ilvl is not everything that’s why there is gate keeping +10 ilvl and so many other things.

They actually have to know what’s making the damage and etc. But they are never gonna know because if no changes are being made, they will always assume high ilvl is everything.

Even now i bet people don’t even know the comparison for 1 upgrade and spending 50k VS spending 50k to build your tripot or gems. which actually gives more damage ?

Basic understanding on the current state of the game, people would rather go for the 1 upgrade on their gears. But if you actually know your class well, you will know certain class need gems and tripot to sky rocket in terms of damage.

Thats the current problem with the game imo.

i’m not against dps meters friend, i wanted it’s implementation back when i was still playing too. i also disagree with the toxicity argument because people find ways to be toxic no matter what, either they make fun of your mother or your dps, they’ll find something to say.

my point is that in any game where they need to incentivize swiping for power, they need to keep the swipe as rewarding as possible. in the current state of the game, higher item level trumps any level of skill in terms of power gained, and that’s fine as is for swipers

but if you add in dps meters, then the reward system from swiping is diminished, as now the metric the whales are being measured against will shift from “how much dmg he is doing” to “how much dmg he is doing as per his item level”. when you put the skill back in the game, the swiping incentive is decreased because even if they are sitting at 1500 item level if they are doing less dps than what other people are doing at his item level, he will feel inferior.

and that’s a nono because you can’t let your customers feel like they suck

I mean GoldRiver is out isn’t he? Seems like the perfect time

I’m against DPS meter. Not because I’m bad or smth (I’m always MVP with dmg dealt in raids). It just makes other players inferior and feel bad when they compare their dps to others. Also it has no real value whatsoever, how are supps gonna determine if they played good or bad with DPS meters? Healing party has no value too, the real MVP supp is the one that keeps you alive with shields/dmg reductions and provide constant buffs.
As for DPS’s - some classes are better at constantly dealing dmg, others are better at Bursts. Ones are better at shorter fights, the others are better at prolonged ones.

Also it doesn’t measure skill of players properly - you can have let’s say: 15ilvl higher than others in party, your relic weap quality is 80+, it’s honing is at +23, you play zerk. Others have 70+ quality, +21 weapons, in party u got pala, DB, sorc.
Now imagine you whaled for that, others didn’t. Let’s say, you think of yourself as good player. Now - how would you feel about that sorc and DB outdps you by a huge amount?
You would come to forums and cry “buff zerk, nerf DB/sorc”.

Sure, sometimes DPS meters are good, since it can help players show how much they gained from certain upgrades/switches in skill builds, items, cards etc. But we already got that in Trixion (I know it doesn’t mean shit in real raid due to mechanics and stuff).
But it has so many diminishing returns, that adding dps meter to game, would cause a flood of topics about nerfs, cries, buffs and stuff - while we all know, you all suck.

MVP screens are getting a revamp in Korea, nobody knows what will happen to that. Maybe they’re going to show your dmg dealt and stuff too, other than only showing tittle + MVP values. And I think that’s enough, no dps meters are needed.
Also, as others said - people in west tend to gatekeep a lot, due to that, a lot of raids that could be done with lower requirements, tend to be done in highly “overgeared” groups. I’ve seen first week Valtan pug groups saying “HM, 5x3 required, know mechs, 1460+” like wtf?? This raid is easily done in 3x3, on ilvl.

That’s it from me.

never bring a dps meter in the game or you will kill it

Sorry, that makes no sense.

If you’re competitive then you do research, you practice, you check guides, you talk to others of the same class and you use a very powerful tool called Math.

There is such a thing as dumb people. It’s a person with a lapse of Intellect and Wisdom.
One can make up for the other and thus the person isn’t dumb. ie Learn from your mistakes.

I was in two progression raids. One in WoW and one in Rift. I never used a DPS meter yet I always topped 3 in DPS even though my role was Main Tank. If it was an easy tank fight I’d end up DPS because they knew I could push DPS layers just hard as mitigation layers.

It’s math and understanding of mechanics. I used nothing but notepad.exe and a calculator.

Even in non-competitive games I could tell you the exact damage a weapon including DoT proc rates and Status rates per second because I made it my business to know the system. Then estimate the TTK on any enemy type and level range you gave me.

Anyone unwilling to make that competitive initiative won’t use a DPS meter right anyways.

i think this is the same logic the school system uses in north america, you aren’t allowed to show your score because people who score lower will feel bad.
i guess it’s up to you to think if that’s a good idea or not, but i always found this to be kinda like ostrich mentality.
just because you don’t know how bad you score relative to others doesn’t mean that difference in performance won’t come back to bite you once you are a grown-up. if anything, you lose the opportunity to rectify that gap in ability because you don’t even know it exists. not looking at the issue doesn’t make it go away.

the same way dps use healing meters or threat meters. which is, they dont.

in every game where dps meters are in the game, class dps is what you should be comparing, no one expects a balance druid to out dps a destro lock, no one expects monk to outdps good blms.

the only downside this produces is a meta where people don’t bring certain classes to raids for min/max. but guess what, it already is happening anyways so i honestly don’t see how it would be worse. if anything, personal dps could be used to validate the idea of bringing the player, not the class

exactly, so if you had dps values, you divide valtan’s hp by the number of dps players in the party divided the amount of time you expect to fight the boss for and voila you know what dps you want people to do

rough napkin maths sure, but at least its better than being engraving or ilevel gating people, because that’s a p2w game, and at least dps is purely results oriented

This isn’t the kind of game where this is even remotely applicable. This is the problem.

Fights are dynamic and you need to pay attention to other things then your own performance and numbers on the screen. Some are positional dependant, some are buff dependant, some are crit dependant, some are multi hit abilities that might miss a part of their damage.

Please stop being disingenious about it.

For the record I want a personal performance indicator. Something that would include how much damage each ability did, how much uptime my debuff had, how much stagger did I do and how much each ability did, how much weak point did I do, how many times did I get hit and how much damage I took, how much I left abilities unused while being off cd, etc

Dps meters for the whole party in the form of a simple number is very bad for the current game design especially in a p2w game and the current and future mvp screen is pretty much the same only considerably more vague about it.

You’re right.
The only thing that technically matters in this game is. Who’s alive and is the boss dead?

This game is too stat dependent to need much else. Debuff up-time CDR. Stagger amount? It’s standardized ie damage doesn’t matter so what skills did you use. Damage taken? Did you die.

Sure, I guess it might be nice to see those stats personally but you can’t do much about it other than upgrade gems and keep honing. There’s little to no build variation in this game.