Petition For DPS Meter

You’re right.
The only thing that technically matters in this game is. Who’s alive and is the boss dead?

This game is too stat dependent to need much else. Debuff up-time CDR. Stagger amount? It’s standardized ie damage doesn’t matter so what skills did you use. Damage taken? Did you die.

Sure, I guess it might be nice to see those stats personally but you can’t do much about it other than upgrade gems and keep honing. There’s little to no build variation in this game.

This will not be true for much longer. And playing better used to be a thing for gamers. Now everything is ok if boss dies. Nothing else matters. I find a sad way to play the game

Completely false. I mean I don’t know the classes you are playing and full different builds are quite rare, but choices exist on all the classes I have some degree of knowledge about (very important to not throw almighty statements like “I know everything” - you did that).

If you want I’ll even throw in examples

I can’t be the only one that finds fun in optimising my gameplay.

I would suggest using a site where you can sign up to give a +1 for the petition to do this, but then again that wouldn’t make sense considering that they already know that a lot of players really want this feature which that would just tell them again. So it wouldn’t really make sense unless it was also a petition for something else like “Petition to install the game and start playing again if we get a DPS meter” or something like that :thinking:


return playing wow if you want dps meter, logs, and all the dogwater things that allows you to create this toxic elitist community no one wants of.

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I don’t want to deal with people throwing runs because they had to do mechanics.

Also they have said no multiple times. Stop asking for something they have had to say no to.

you know people in korea who spent thousands of dollars are getting perma banned right?

You don’t need permission from AGS/SG to use it.

Just use it and STFU and don’t talk about it.

People got banned in KR cause they got cocky and showed it off and got caught.


With tons of problems in the game, is the dps meter really all you want?


Why u need dpsmetter ? Just to see if you have a bigger penis than the others?


Okay, PLS SMILEGATE AND AMAZON. Don’t create and allow the DPSmetter, bad idea as well.

How is it better than a DPS meter. Do you know what a DPS meter is and does?

DPS meter measures, damage done, damage taken, healing done, healing taken, debuffs, buffs including uptimes. Skills cast and their damage done. All of this information that you are missing because why?

Whats the point of not wanting tools to see where you need help and where you need to improve.

Is this the mindset of non dps meter fanboys?

DPS meter provides information that you can utilize to make you a better player or figure out your biggest flaws in a boss fight. Its not for people that have this type of mentality.

We want it to get better you don’t want it because you don’t want to be exposed as a bad player.

I played wow and dps meters and logs helped us immensely through Mythic content figuring out where we were taking the most damage and aligning healer cooldowns to them.

Figuring out where we were lacking DPS for a phase and having people hold their DPS cd’s for that particular part. It was a huge part in making our players better. They could see their mistakes and try to fix them.

Why do you assume it will be toxic. We want dps meters to get better. you seemed to be concerned that people will point you out.

Dps meter is surely usefull thing, but if you think it wont turn people toxic and make the comunity even worse and it won’t be used mostly for parses to flex you are deillusional, people will start stacking classes based on debuffs / buffs to get the biggest parse for dps meter.

repeat that slowly without sounding stupid :

wow doesn’t have a toxic community.

I dont know why are we even discussing about dps meter when the party finder and matchmaking are toxic af already.

What game doesn’t have a toxic community i never said that. Any game that has a competitive aspect and damage has toxic communities. That community will exist with or without a dps meter.

Not giving tools to let players get better because you think toxicity will rage is not a good reason. I don’t care what you do or what other people do i want to use it to analyze.

We’re talking about DPS meters not parsing.