Petition For DPS Meter

giving tools to compare is the début of toxicity.

as soon as people have a way of measuring themselves to others, they will segregate and try to put people in place that ‘fits them’ according to their own vision of the situation.

it’s only a matter of time once you give dps meter, that some benchmarks will be set, some requirements to be able to belong to certain groups. and with the ease of use of a wildly available dps meter, it’ll become even more frequent.

WoW has exactly that, and not only dps meter. gear score, raiderIO, dps, parses, ranking. it’s infested with ways to discriminate others according to numbers, leaving very little place to ones personal improvements, which is very often offset to next content release, where a new clean slate is made with no set-in-stone data.

I experienced this more than enough, to know that I don’t want it in Lost Ark.

We already have MVP screen to show who did more damage or whatever.

You guys that are fighting against this Meter take its literally. A DPS meter does not just show dps it shows so many things. Damage done, damage take, spell break downs, healing done, healing taken, buff uptime, Its not just dps numbers. This is what we want we want information not oh look that 1560 whale outdpsed me by triple.

Gold River has said no multiple times stop disrespecting him

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Have you noticed increased toxicity lately in your pugs of players calling out others for not doing dps?

That doesn’t mean we can’t request it. It’s not disrespect we just share the same view as he does. We want tools to get better and he’s afraid of toxicity that it would bring.

no I haven’t.

why so ?

What do you think im directly implying then?

Use this big imagination of yours as explicit reference.

difference is that it’s not real time. imagine pugging valtan, and between each attempt flaming that one guy doing not enough damage, instead of focusing on your own performance and eventually killing it.

he literally already said no multiple times he addressed it again last time cause NA was asking do you know what NO means get a grip man

If you are dying to not doing enough damage then i would say that you should reform the group till you have enough damage. Not doing enough damage means you won’t be able to kill the boss with that group.

I would say in very little instances will it be about damage. I pug Valtan HM everyweek and most deaths and failures are because people get knocked off.

Or an unfortunate missed counter.

They also said Vykas. but then delayed it. sooo

get a life.

you only thrive off diminishing others to feel superior. you are mean in the way you talk, and relate to others.

I despise you and everything you represent with your dps meter.

:rofl: Smilegate will laugh and throw the petition in the shredder
NA/EU has no say on what gets into the game lmao

What are you talking about? I’m not putting anyone down I’m just saying if you are mathematically not doing enough damage to kill the boss whats the point of being in there using consumables? Just reform the party until at least its mathematically possible.

I really don’t see why you are so afraid of information.

The fact that we want information doesn’t make us delusional. You guys insisting on not having that additional information is mind boggling to me. What are you afraid of?

They already do that in game by the MVP screen. We want information not just how much damage but rotational information, our buff uptimes to see if we are correctly squeezing in our spells during those buffs, where we are taking the most damage from so we can fix it. Why do you keep going back to this strict DPS thing when we already have this so called dick measuring in game already.

Smilegate doesn’t want to do it, and game development isn’t democratic.

There’s really not much else to be said here.

They also want all of us to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars ever year on this game.

trixion can give you some insight. analysing your attacks methodically can help too. trying different combinations, skill priority, whatever.

just do it alone, and don’t tell others what they should do

Trixon does not give specific boss fights. This is something we’ve asked for in the past too. Trixon gives a training dummy that you beat on. No mechanics nothing.

We want info from real life situations not a training dummy.

Where is this hostility coming from? When did i ever tell anyone what to do. I’ve literally been saying we just want information and could care less about who’s doing more damage especially in a P2W igame.