Petition For DPS Meter

Then use the one that already exists???

And also posted earlier today

The stance is pretty clear. It will never be supported. If you want to use a meter you’ll have to break the tos in the process.

Imagine that you miss hits because the boss moves and for those failures they take you out of the group and then you come and cry to the forum saying that the dps meter was the worst thing they put KEKW

Tell that to the people that use macros.

because you miss a hit once or twice doesn’t mean your dps will be 0. Cmon now.

NO is NO your the same guy that can’t take no for an answer from someone and keep on about it your like “are you sure?” multiple times

no harm in trying to get something overruled / talked about its how you have a healthy conversation most people that are for DPS Meter are pretty level headed compared to like 80% of the replies against it here.

being told no multiples times means no you don’t keep asking 50 more times until you get the answer you want

So in your eyes nothing should ever be changed because someone of power said no?

He said no multiple times and explained why multiple times what more do you want ?

You’re dodging the question I asked previously. It’s fine that the former director said no there’s no harm in trying to see where the playerbase stands on his decision. Just a question what would you do if the new director thinks a dps meter is a good idea?

Perfect way to lose actual players is to not care or give a shit about the players base and how they feel and what they want.

This is what happened to WoW.

no one cares quit then crying over a dps meter. You people on the forums is whats ruining the game going mentally psychotic over the smallest things

We’re asking for a DPS meter not crying. Only one crying is you.

ya u were told no like 3 4 times

his not the director anymore
and NA is already different from KR in many regards
The DPS meters people are using in NA arent getting banned since they first gotta worry about bots and rmters and now bots hacking with infinite dps and speed

and his explanation I believe was mainly about creating a toxic enviroment

A. The game has MVP screen which is the most toxic thing possible, you basically say this was the best member in the team, and players are already toxic when they show a support as MVP since they cant see their damage numbers

B. The 4 people that dont even show in the endscreen mvp are just considered the throwaways and people are already toxic towards classes like berzerker, gunslinger and when reaper comes people will literally have “NO REAPERS” in party finder

They already said MVP screen is being changed learn to read and keep up

What do macros have to do with AGS allowing for DPS meter usage? :thinking: Macros in and of themselves are not actually a TOS violation. Its only a violation when you use them to automate gameplay.

I’m assuming OP asking for a petition means he wanted it to be officially supported. Which will never happen, so yes if you decide to use a meter in this game you will have to break the TOS. Also note that I did not say anything about getting banned for that violation. Simply stating a fact.

Players are already toxic, with some even hatefully claiming that they carried the raid when they aren’t even MVP. MVP is fun, a quick thing at the end of the game, but if we had dps meters we would constantly have raids and dungeons “quit” by the team because they’re salty that 1 or 2 players aren’t up to their personal standard. Honestly, ever since I hit tier 3 I like the game less and less, and really my only reason at all is because of player toxicity. I think it is a shame that we can’t just play a game and have fun and be kind and help each other. I used to play ESO and never encountered any toxic behavior like this. I do wonder if the toxicity originates from players that come from other toxic games, or from players that watch toxic players on streaming platforms and think it is okay. Petition for human kindness to be the meta.

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I like how I’ve never once insulted you but you can’t have a civil conversation about something without bringing up something totally irrelevant to the topic. SmileGate doesn’t owe us anything don’t think I ever implied that LOL. The new director being friends with Gold River doesn’t exactly mean that he has to abide to all his wishes for the game. Most people that are getting banned in KR is because people are being dumb with the dps meter and posting themselves using it and its clear you don’t think for yourself / go look up things for yourself. Last if you’re going to call someone dumb please at least use the correct spelling