Petition For DPS Meter

You noticed this too right? We want dps meters for our purposes to analyze whats going on but they get so defensive for some reason like we personally offended them.

Actually now typing that out I can see why they are so against DPS meters.

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I’m convinced the forum is killing the game. What a logical and reasonable take.

people will say like omg dps meters means more class hate and now there will be a meta of what classes can play

this is such a dumb take because you would take a “bad class” over a “z tier dps class” if it means the “bad class” is atleast lasting till ghost phase in Valtan

give me 5 other people with 0 dps that wont die over a g2g enjoyer with 500 million trixion dps who dies in a pillar

As the OP mentioned in the post, this is something SGR and Gold River are against, and do not wish to implement. I understand why some folks are interested in these types of tools, but it is not on the table for now.


FF14 was also against dps meters and they dont have them in their game but

now they allow players to use 3rd party app to see dps meters, its more of a question of will lost ark refrain from disallowing dps meter rather than will they implement dps meters

atleast for the wester version of the game since kr might have a higher dislike to dps meters while NA/EU have lived with them before Lost Ark

don’t think any of the big mmos have built in dps meters. someone just makes it as an addon like the one currently for lost ark

Id much rather them just ban users that use it to harm the playerbase like in FF14.

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they just banned some guy with 25 ancient weapon or smth in KR until 2999 for using a dps meter and people are out here asking for one still lmao

thats pretty petty outlook on it.


No thanks. DPS meter brings even more “Salt” to the game. Some of you guys are really interesting like people asking 1460ilvl for Deskaluda x2 LOL

Yeah thats because players were being petty and pretty much doxxed em, they werent actually detected.

Well could you at least relay the message that the MVP screen doesnt provide any useful info and players would be far better off having individual metrics for their runs at the end of the run. Like we don’t need to know who was a “battle tactician” for instance or “stagger annihilator”. Literately useless information.

petty in what way?

Imagine if someone really didn’t like DPS meters and went out of thier way to track down the people who were in a particular run that was screen shotted, just to report you for using the meter.

Factually incorrect. Macro usage is allowed. The only time it becomes a coc violation is when it is used to automate gameplay(For example automating attacks to farm collection items). This has been discussed at length multiple times since before the game even launched. I mean there’s even a section in game settings for macros :joy:

I don’t really understand how this correlates with anything ive said.

Thats how the person who people keep bringing up was reported for using the DPS meter was “Caught” for doing the infraction. Someone went out of their way to find out who he was and told on him.

still shows the actual developers stance on it