Petition: Free consumables for Inferno Challenges

Hi, I hope this idea can get traction. I really want to do inferno mode, but the idea of wasting all potions while progressing just seems too painful.

As there is literally no real reward aside from bragging rights, it would be great if these raids didn’t consume potions and bombs. Currently, they already allow free max specs with 5x3/allocatable stats/free legion gear so free consumables seems in line with the current developer intent.

Additionally, it would make the entire process more pug friendly and overall less toxic.

Please post your thoughts and hopefully support.


No. Inferno = dedication. Either from the time and money you spent progging it, or the money you dedicated to RMTing to buy a Helltan bus :wink:


Yea, never happening.


Honestly, i cannot understand people who support grinding mats. The fact that you paid for your potions does not mean you are a better player or more dedicated. It just means you wasted more time.


No thanks.

Honestly, I can not understand people who want nearly everything in games for free or for as little effort as possible. Stronghold exists for a reason, you get plenty for free aswell.

it wasn’t that hard.

Inferno gives nothing, it is just a challenge mode. The focus is the encounter and mastering the content not grinding potions and grenades.


You already get perfect stats and engravings. If that isn’t enough then perhaps progressing the hardest content isn’t for you.

No, it’ll will break down all the hype of the content


I see where you’re coming from, but Inferno mode isn’t a picnic to a paradise.

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Wasting money isn’t dedication.


They think that getting 20k worth of consumables from chang is some form of accomplishment :joy:


I thought about this, and always wonder if Inferno is content base on skill, why is it involve financial barrier.

Organization do that in real life to prevent random people joining in to lower the quality of the contest and increase the unnecessary cost, however, those two concern were not present in the game environment.
In fact, because it is in game, it is much easier to host a skill based content like this because it’s pretty much no cost.

From that, the most logical way for inferno to work, is to remove ALL cost from player so everyone can join and compete, include not only free combat item, but also unlock all skill tripod, gems, card set, gear set…etc. plus the equalize environment, so everyone participate in can contest in the equal ground, and make inferno a truly skill base content instead of the content for whoever has the most gold.

Now the thing is, the more gold you have, the more time you can practice and higher chances people can beat it. it has skill element in it, but it is based on how much gold you have.


U get free potions from fever time, use that

I believe it the consumables shouldn’t be used from your person.

Makes it more about skill rather than how many pots you can afford.

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i agree, everything else is provided so why not consumes?

i dont want free consumables for all fights just on inferno, its meant to be for fun and prestige, otherwise why do you not just use your own gear for it too?

oh well, not the end of the world though

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we were doing it last night, it’ definitely makes a difference when you need to switch form the purple pots to blue, but all in all is a great way to learn the raid (You don’t know the health bars, but you learn alot about the bosses attack cycles and mechs)