Petition: Indefinite block list for players

We need an indefinite block list for gold sellers because amazon won’t do anything about this and we end up with a chat filled with gold sellers. We can miss shouts from other players when a boss is up or we can miss a notice about a maintenance. We can miss many important tips.
But why amazon would want gold sellers removed? Conspiracy around…

im not invalidating you, but i have not seen 1 single gold seller yet


Depends on what server you are on, there was 0 o zinner but on the one i switched to they are in every early act not in later ones tho so im guesssing that they get kicked before getting to later acts of the game

They will be everywhere.

Vouch. Although they’re not a huge problem on my server because only a few are there, and besides those that are already blocked you barely see any other bot coming in. Regardless I don’t understand why the block list has a limit.

They are all over in chat on Ladon. I have had to report and block them everytime I log on.