[Petition] Release ALL playable classes

Okay but you can see what that post says and that’s what fast means to him if you believe the translation. Why demand any further clarification or adjustment when you have an answer you seem to trust?

Fast means fast

not months or years.

considering lost ark lost 50% of the playerbase…its gonna get alot faster.

especially when Gold River finds out how unhappy many in the community are.

Reading comprehension could reveal what fast means in this case. I’m sorry you are not getting it but it is what it is.

It sucks that we’re missing nearly 1/3rd of the classes.

Signed. Though it may be more practical to try and make Gold River aware of what the community wants as we can’t be sure of what feedback AGS actually shares. Getting content creators on board would help with visibility.

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Yes already waited years for the game to come out, and now have to wait even longer to enjoy everything in the game


Like I said at this point i am not worried. They will change their minds because Lost ark lost half of the playerbase and they are leaking more.

The game is full of bots so we could have even less than 600,000.

Also the complaints are coming in non stop that even ROXX the forum mod said the backlash is staggering.

also its only a matter of time before smilegate and gold river has to do something.

So they are definitely gonna have to change things.

Also read this


Well he may change his mind, but the interview he did on 02/14/2022, he said (or more accurately the interpreter translated) that a new class would be released every 2 - 3 months. It will likely depend on how they feel that speeding up the class releases, will impact the release of other content. They may release 2 or maybe 3 classes during these intervals instead.

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That’s been my point the whole time.

They will change their minds.

because amazon can not afford another failure.

It happened in new world where players wanted changes and they ignored it.

so 800,000 left and their reputation was ruined.

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/signed. Im not really looking for any really but im all for players getting theirs.


yes please


Many players are also PVP players and we want our classes.

many players are saving resources for their MAIN class.

they do not want to wait months before they can truly commit.

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This is the main issue with the game, and lack of sources of honing materials that other regions have access to. AND then you have to do it on a class you dont like, potentially for months and months.

It’s very obvious what AGS and SMG has done to the western release: They thought they could ride out the expected wave of initial release popularity when they saw 1mil+ concurrent players, then they greedily saddled everyone with a premature Argos release without any of the other catchup methods for F2P gamers.

So now this product can have a mediocre, subpar existence. Unfortunately, AGS whole track record speaks for how greedy and inept they are, all their projects have failed. They took this as a publisher and it’s amazing to see them negotiate a failure with SMG for a title that is very hard to ruin

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Please release all the classes. If classes are being delayed due to balance/bugs, then please communicate this. At the very least, it can help fill the void of content at t3.


Yes please. Ive already uninstalled so unless a bunch if classes are released soon ill just stay away.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ all classes please


its such a shame that what was supposed to be “the best release of LA” ended up in this farce, thanks AGS, greed and plain incompetence ruins another good game, NW was not enough for them.
and smilegate is not free of blame, they are silent on this.


We need the classes! Holding them for monetization is contraproductive, people who can’t play the class they want will most likely leave the game (myself included) if we don’t see them soon incorporated in the game e.e


Thats the same kind of thought process amazon had with NEW WORLD

we all know how that story ended right ?

Ignore the community…LOSE 800,000 PLAYERS.


Considering how honing works currently and how many materials you have to pump into one character to make any sort of progress. I think it would be a good idea to release all the classes so those that want to main unreleased classes can at least be progressing and pumping materials into a class that they enjoy and want to play. If not, those players will most likely quit or just be way behind because it will feel like a waste to use all your materials on a class you don’t want to main.

Even if you don’t release them immediately, I think it would be good if all of them are AT LEAST released by August 2022.