Petition to bring the old sailing activities back

i dunno why they patched them out

like looking for deep sea treasures everywhere on the world map
shipwrecks to explore
beeing haunted and attacked from ghostships while in ghost waters
deep diving
and the sailors who gave boni on different things not just resistance points like now.

the sailing activities now r just lame imo.

if u don´t know what you´re missing check this old vid


This actually looks dope. Would add more activity and flair to open sea content. Right now ifs just rush from A to B to finish random island encounters and every couple days wait with millions of other ships at a spawn to be teleported to an instanced area to do another “open” sea encounter with no meaning.

I want more sea stuff :slight_smile:


That was my fav part of the game. Now I just wished we had that and we will prob never get it. Simple fix bring back the old sea content and when we have the sea activities on live servers make it to where we get x2 or x3 rewards so people will choose to do at those times but players like me can just had in the sea fish hunt etc… Maybe even some ship combat npc and pvp.