Petition to make gunslinger a support

Hey since there’s a huge looking for support issue for valtan. Can we make gunslingers a healer like ana from overwatch :slight_smile:

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xD ???


How about berzerker? Yeah, bots to be healers.

omg sorry amigo no play overwash

Why not deadeye?

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With skin for water guns - shot vaccines :smiley:

This is so random… and I kinda love it. Haha, but I do love my gunslinger as is.


New engraving!!!

Do you want my Deadeye to shoot you full of syringes?

How would you even design a healing “bullet”?

I mean even if you could create a bullet out of healing herbs, it would drastically reduce the range of the bullet and efficacy of the healing from the herbs, wouldnt it?

Wouldnt it wound you more, getting shot with an herb bullet into a sword or claw wound?

You’re one sick puppy…

Every class in the game is a support bc as long as the boss dies quickly it can’t dish out enough dps to kill people.

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Shadowhunter lifesteal with party wide HoT? :o its already got the blood effects, make it a vampire? PogU

i wanna know the reason why you thought of that
is it because the gunslinger is bad? or because of something else im curious :face_with_monocle:

i saw that
and not all of them are the same
im a GS main i know im bad and i need to improve and ye i cant just ingore that i have 200ms :rofl:

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lol yeah i deleted it cus it was a little bit toxic xD

obviously not all gunslingers, Gunslinger Lives Matter!

i played on RU i know the feels FeelsPingMan

no way i give -1 petition

well in my lobbies, gunslingers always have “Annihilator” anyways

We should really change berserker to a support. That would fk the bots really hard

I get to shoot my giant rifle at teammates to heal them? Sign me up.

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Yes. Make gunslinger a support so we can make paladin a DPS.

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