Petition: To not use battle item for all guardian raids & Legion raids. We are El cheapo

The amount off El cheapo on forum discussing the topic off guardian raids no battle items.

  1. Let follow the minority players going forward. In MM just stop using battle item we can find the boss it take 30 sec split up NESW.

  2. no phero waste off gold. Find the boss for 30 sec more x2. Do not provide any assistance.

  3. No bombs you got skills that can break armour. Just take 2-3 more rotations so 30-40sec more.

  4. if you have X6 1460+ character like some off these El cheapo. Than you save 80g x 6 = 480g if you do daily. While you make 15GHL which is roughly 750g X 6 = 4500g daily.

  5. For legion raids we can also stop using battle items our character are very high level now we can beat valtan easily with X1 armour remaining. That only 10% armour on the boss if you do 3m dps you now do 2.7m dps which is more than enough. Let all Save gold to hone to 1540.

  6. For vykas you can just spam stagger skills you don’t need bombs or anything. On gate 3 just wei and use stagger skills. The bomb only counts as 1 high stagger skill. You just gotta wait for you high stagger skill to go on cd again. No sleep bomb needed if you use sidereals/ dodge boss pattern.

  7. let all embrace the El cheap culture and make NA great again.


everyone already messed up

You can’t make me not use battle items. I’ll use it when I want to.

can you guys release kakul already

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11 - 1

eh…what, cringe.

Someone teach him some manners, how dare you use any battle item?

you’re forgetting don’t use potion use revive. Keep dying then sit on floor pov and watch the people alive having to finish boss without you. Happens in kunge too!

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