Petition to remove 2g AH option

Why does 2g exist as an option to sell in AH. 1g items do not get taxed but 2g items do. Therefore whether you sell at 2g or 1g you are still only gaining 1g. It literally does not help anyone.

I know there will be some people that will try to say “yea but look we can take gold out of the economy and fight inflation!!!” But the thing is… if you sell at 3g you can still do that. 1g still goes to the void the only difference is that YOU yourself are gaining an extra gold. It only hurts you to sell at 2 with no other gains regardless of goal.

I hope this is a troll post, cause most of the times I’m throwing stuff away that costs 1-5g… who cares about that? lol

guardian stone bundles sell generally for 1-3 gold in large quantities. You can sell a stack and gain either 999 for 1g or 1998 for 3. People will list for 2 which hinders both of the other quantities.

Ah, now you’re starting to make sense :slight_smile:
Yeah, in the case of guardian/destruction stones, they should never sell for less than 3 tbh. Not T3 at least.

Whoever sells T3 mats lower than 3 is obviously not thinking

Rather than put a band-aid on it, why not fix it? Stochastic rounding is what’s needed. Then the 5% tax averages out to 5% no matter what price you’re selling things for. Currently Lost Ark just takes a ceil() of the tax, it should be doing this instead (obviously not in python):

def round_stochastic(v):
    return math.ceil(v) if random.random() < math.modf(v)[0] else math.floor(v)

It would take roughly 1 minute for one of their programmers to fix.

Just as an example for you:

import math
import random

def round_stochastic(v):
    return math.ceil(v) if random.random() < math.modf(v)[0] else math.floor(v)

def round_lostark(v):
    return math.ceil(v)

def round_tax(v):
    smilegate_in_charge_of_programming = False

    if smilegate_in_charge_of_programming:
        return round_lostark(v)
        return round_stochastic(v)

items = 1000
item_cost = 2
tax_rate = 0.05

total_tax = 0
for i in range(items):
    total_tax += round_tax(item_cost * tax_rate)

print("ideal tax per item: {}".format(item_cost * tax_rate))
print("average tax per item: {}".format(total_tax / items))

I do agree with this but my suggestion was focused on trying not to leave reason for dispute such as maybe smilegate does not want things to go untaxed even at a low amount. But if thats the case I would like to remove the amounts that literally accomplish nothing for all parties involved

Their programmers are busy on their next IP.


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That’s what happens now, though. 1g sales are taxed at 0% rather than 5% because their ceil() approach would have resulted in a 100% tax. It’s :clown_face:. If changed to stochastic, 1g sales would be taxed 5% just like any other value.

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bad code.

Easier solution to the problem is to sell stones at 1g. This will both help players and developers.

You want to tax the 1g with this code? do you work in the government?

My code is always flawless.

I want a 5% tax to actually be a 5% tax. Currently, people are massively overpaying tax in Lost Ark. Like those tens of thousands of gold worth of fish people scooped up when they were 8g, that was at 12.5% tax. Saving 0.05 gold per 1g sale is not going to make up for the huge amounts you’ve been overpaying.

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Yes, I agree then. Brilliant as always.

They should remove 1g from the market so that there is more gold sink :sunglasses:

2g or bust

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i hope 3g list cost 2g for more gold sink lol

This thinking is really backwards. Thats your gold that you are voiding not someone else’s because whether you got taxed for 2 or for 1 they would still pay the 3 gold. The thing that changed is you lost 1 more gold. If thats the case just throw away your gold trading gold into silver. You;ve now effectively taken gold out of the economy lol

I want you to delete more of your gold

you would need to target things on the higher end of the AH that whales would utilize like accessories/class engraving to do that. What youre wanting is a higher tax on those things not on 1-3g items lol. Thats like saying in order to fix inflation irl we should increase the tax of minimum wage-mid range jobs very confusing why people draw this conclusion