Petition to Remove Pheons

It’s bad enough that we are forced to play alts to have any chance at progression, but now we can’t even play our alts because of the artificial currency that blocks us from using the market to get accessories.

Make every item “Tradeable 1 time” and remove Pheons all together. Simple. This prevent market flipping entirely.

If you’re not going to remove Pheons then give us a way to “Target” specific engravings and stats on gear.



no thank you. please count me as -1 signature.


What are the reasons why you would not want to remove Pheons? I’m curious why people would want this system to stay in place?


People that want pheons are either whales or RMTers


People that dont want pheons are either whales or RMTers


People who want pheons danced with Nia.


14yo vs 16yo either way its bad kek

If you make all items tradable 1 time, there is essentially 0 recoup value on the item you’ve investeded in. It would also be near impossible to implement to the game at this point since many players across all regions have invested a lot into gears and accessories and changing existing items would devalue their hard work.

One suggestion would be to keep pheons for player to player transactions but remove them for roster transactions.

Or make the pheon tax scale with the price of item sold rather than a set value for certain tiers. This would make players to still pay the pheon tax but it wouldn’t deter them from purchasing low cost t3 items.

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Putting aside the whale vs f2p false dichotomy.

That statement makes literally no sense, everyone is negatively effected by pheons, the people who are the least effected are those with lots of money or gold.

I currently have zero pheons, having spent pretty much all of them sorting out my stones and tripods.

This effectively freezes my 7 alts out of the auction house. That’s 7 characters who need gear and items that aren’t participating in the economy, and 7 characters who are under geared for content making your abyssal dungeons take longer.

Pheons make the game objectively worse, and I’ve never heard a convincing argument to the contrary.


I’m against this petition.

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But, not gonna happen. Sadly.

Pheons were introduced for two reasons:

  1. SG noticed that a lot of players were sitting on their gold & blue crystals, so they decided to “separate” those individuals from their assets, it’s a classic “cash sink”
  2. They regulate the ingame economy in a certain way

Easy solution for a better world of tomorrow:
Make Pheons optional. If buyers want to resell the item, they would pay the fee, if not, the item is immediately “bound to roster”. For exchanging items within the roster: A char can put an item into the roster storage, the item binds on pickup to the first char that takes it out of the storage. Another advanced option would be to make an untradable item tradable again by paying Pheons.

I also ran out of Pheons. Of course, totally my fault, because I played the game the “wrong” way. :wink: I may or may not buy some, either for cash or gold. Or I may get finally completely bored by this game and just quit. :upside_down_face:


Just reduce pheon cost for stones… i swear stone cutting is rigged.


If you spend 400+ pheons only in your main thats on you.

Pheons lower the price of items in gold, if you manage the free ones well, they help you a lot. If you cant stop buying stuff, spend money/gold on them.


I agree with you completely about not hurting people that have already invested in tradeable items.

My thought is that all current items would have the remaining number of available trades and any new item created by the game would have a “tradeable 1 time”.

There should definitely be no penalty at all for passing gear from your main to your alts and back.

The problem is that we might have a little bit of gold we can spend and are willing to invest in our alts but with no pheons we can afford a 2500g tax for every item purchased just to buy pheons.

This issue means we’re all making life miserable for each other by bringing alts with 1 engraving and no gear to Igrexion and Abyss Normal ruins.

I like your idea of making items cost no pheon’s to purchase unless you want to resell the item at which point you would have to spend pheons. As well as having the option to freely trade items within your roster.

To make sure no one is negatively impacted by this change it would have to only apply to items newly created by the game. Current items would be Tradeable up to their limit without penalty of the buyer needing to pay pheons.

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I’ll also pass on this, the pheon system keeps the economy active, but not overpowering. Meaning people can’t just stop running content and force their way with gold, unless they are a gigawhale. The pheon system imo helps keep everything organized and fair.

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-1 not looking for an argument, just disagree with you.

Decking out my 6th 1370+ character next week. Pheons are mildly annoying on stones but other than that I couldn’t care less.

Oh you’re one of those people… okay, fine.

Let’s assume I’m a golden god at the game and know everything about everything and saved every pheon I had and was sitting on 400 pheons.

5 accessories, 5 base tripods and 5 attempts at a stone will cost you 125 pheons.

So you can gear up 3 characters, before you’re down to 25 pheons. Now if you’re me that means you still have 4 charactes that are undergeared and frozen out of the market, not participating in the economy and making your abyssal’s take longer.

Is that still my problem? Or is that an issue with the game?

This is unequivocally untrue, and I do not understand how anyone can try to make this argument.

Pheons increase the cost of items, exponentially, they put a higher premium on the most desirable items and add a cost to lesser items that make them not even worth considering.

Because people know their purchases are limited, they’re not looking for tempraory, marginal or side upgrades. They’re also not looking at non-meta enravings and builds to experiment with.

All anyone is looking for is the exact perfect stats and engravings for the build they want.

This causes market stagnation, it decreases competition and inflates demand, which raises prices.

So do you have anything behind this claim that they lower prices?

An argument, perhaps? An actual example we can see play out in game?

Or are you gonna hit me with more “L2P” sentiments, and insist that everyone who has a differing opinion is simply interacting with game systems “the wrong way” or something?


People keep saying things like this, and they never take the extra step to explain their position.

How exactly do pheons “keep the economy active”? Pheons at their best are a tax that just makes desirable items more expensive, and lesser items not worth buying.

People are still going to run content for gold, tripods and honing materials.

I had the best gear I could have and was done spending pheons 4 weeks ago, I’m still running content every week. Why wouldn’t I be running content every week?

Your comment makes no sense.

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