Petition to stop censorship and slow release

^ I’ve never seen anyone, or posts asking to censor classes or skins. AGS why are you so out of touch with your player base?

Why must you appease your corporate overlords and their puritan ways? Why not give people a choice to censor?

This choice means the class will be delayed until APRIL when it should be coming out in the middle of the Witcher collab event and then aeromancer a month afterwards during the next express.

As if it’s not during the collab how can we spend money on an anticipated skin and class at the same time?

Happy to charge £100 for a black Friday skin pack but not listening to players is so backwards.


Yeah if they don’t undo this I’ll be uninstalling the game & cancelling my prime membership. This is ridiculous. They claim to be “adopting the game to western standards”, yet they refused to budge on monetization which everyone complained about.

I wasted way too much money on this game, I refuse to continue to support a bunch of conservatives pushing sexist censorship.

Everything is so overly dramatic here. Does anyone actually think rationally?

They are far from conservative. They are the PC left.

The PC left doesn’t tell women how to dress, that’s a conservative/sexist thing.

they aren’t delaying artist because of censorship.

They had MONTHS to prepare if anything.

they are delaying because of throne and liberty mmo is coming.

They have an announcement coming on december 27th!
this means if they do in fact have a partnership with AGS then that means they planned this all along.

when will throne and liberty release? Q1 so jan/feb/mar…

when will artist release? after Q1 in april.
this is on top of the 3 months of dry content jan/feb/mar

they want to shift focus to throne and liberty and wait until it releases and then bring players back with artist.

They instead tell them this

haha, “it’s the puritan RIGHT” “it’s the woke LEFT”. Can’t even figure out who you’re mad at lol.

Petition? You think they care? Your petition and this thread will go straight to the shredder.

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dude I don’t mind whales norm, but they are so fucking retarded in this game.

Like shove $1000 down Bezos throat when game works
but you mean to tell me you’ll give $1000s to a broke game???
game is lost the whales have a lobotomy.

Its why outside in general population outside LOA too, the whales are meme made fun of a joke.
Game has d/c lag spike, EAC off line for months, Broken AH, the skins you buy are censored or the back doesn’t render properly, cost more than $1500 to gear 1 toon

Whales: Take my Money
Dolphins: your fucking up the game for everyone
F2P plebs: Your fucking up the game for everyone

No wonder SG don’t give a shit about other regions.
At least pay for a working product gat damn

I think that censorship is needed, since you have guys who look unhealthy at a specialist, then introducing censorship will not be superfluous

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