Petrania's Knight as future skin set?

Can you please let us know what skin is it going to be a bit in advance? So i can decide if uninstalling the game before, instead of waiting to find out in game, because if it’s going to be Petrania or anything close to Omen, then for me the game is going to be dead. And I will uninstall it for sure having understood the direction you at AGS are taking.


Why do people bother making forum posts like this?

Bye Karen…

I mean I get the irritation.

I too think there’s a lot of useless threads on these forums, especially since it’s pretty clear that AGS is gonna do whatever the hell they want.

But getting Alar, then Omen, and then if we also get Petrania’s knight?

Those aesthetics are what people think the western market wants due to crap like WOW tier sets, and shows like GOT. But a lot of people wanted to play Lost Ark for the different aesthetic that we don’t usually get in American made games. But so far it’s been like going to Japan or Korea and only being allowed to eat McDonalds.


enjoy the bad version of the game, i will not anymore, i played a lot and i regret it because i just wasn’t aware yet of AGS and their dumb choices. Bye you that bothered replying to a meaningless post

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What cosmetics are you hoping for?

Anything but that at this point. Ill take the pink sweater and the skirt even though it’s not my style. There is only one other silly one that I don’t like but that’s it. So yeah, anything. I want the jeans and the shorts and ears. Some sexy stuff would be sweet too. oh and the techy one looks cool for gunners.

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Just uninstall. Can reinstall when it is out. It’s f2p. It’s not like giving up a kidney. You can uninstall and reinstall whenever.

Some people would give a kidney for some of the skins :rofl:

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There was that rumored case of teenager traded his kidney for iPhone. Not worth it.

They have to diversify the skins. The game is not new. It has 3 years more or less. I don’t ask for all skins being released at once of course, but since the lunch of the game only 1 skin has been release and it’s the Omen.

The skins already in the store from the lunch are super monotonous, why such a limited choice? They are litterally the same depending on the class model.

And it applies for the providence skins too, have you seen them?
And on top of this there is not even a trasmog system. You can only do it for “pvp” sets. Not really ideal. You are otherwise bound to boring Tier sets, most of them are just not nice, and for some reasons even when upgrading from blu to purple to legendary, some classes have more options than others in terms of look.

I personally want waifu skins, doesn’t mean necessariliy lingerie. But not only, i just want some decent looking skins and they can’t look all the same if they just release one at time, very simple. Have you seen what choices do they have in KR?

Hope that was just a rumor. But these days I wouldn’t be surprised

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Is it not possible to reinstall a kidney? What if mine is unable to update and is giving warnings of corruption?

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Tbh mcdonalds in asia are way better than other countries. I miss mcD’s in thailand and hong kong lol

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Oh it’s better everywhere else because they use local stuff and sometime modify the menu to fit in with the location. I would still not have McD and a small local joint food instead.

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McD and even KFC in Asia is like restaurants and not fast food. It’s trippy.

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True it be nice though if the mcdonalds here would adapt different menus from there it be great

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Wow. just wow with the insults

yeah he must be the 12 yo kid a bit grumpy from being still up at this time xD

Where I live people don’t know good food so I don’t think Mds would make anything with that kind of menu. Unless you are in a big city gourmet is a rare thing. Its sad as I hail form NYC where food is everything.

Edit: we turned skin thread into food thread haha

Relax, relax you don’t even need to go that far.