Petrania's Knight as future skin set?

Found the Karen.

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rip this amazing face.

You obviously don’t even understand what a Karen is dude

a fan of the game being upset that we’re being treated like 10 year olds with censored skins and not ONE yet that shows any skin is completely justified when the game is literally all about that in other regions

maybe don’t downplay justified complaints?

I hope not. Was hoping more a traditional themed skin after the mythic themed Omen. Petrania’s Knights is too similar to Omen.

Sorry but Sorceress Alar does not show any skin?
The providence points skins for Sorc and Bard arent just panty flashes everywhere?
Even the regular clothes?
Omen for Assassin doesn’t exists?

People freaking out on censoring for lvl 10 armor that you would ditch in 10 minutes?
A bra on the Rohendel queen?

Seriously, how can you use “CENSORSHIP” as an excuse to rage when we don’t even have more than 3 skins available? Do so when we get more skins and there is blatant censorship on them. Besides this just be upset because our options are very limited.

I mean it’s pretty obvious, look at what skins they’re releasing. They don’t HAVE to censor anything if they don’t even release the ones that would need the censoring. They chose the most puritan skins they could out of pretty much all of them to release. How convenient.

Most puritan, you ignoring what I wrote? There’s pretty much some that look comfy and don’t have any exposition which I would also like lol.

The Red riding hood skin for sorceress is literally puritan yeah, sure.

Stop reading so damn hard to find a reason to be upset. There is already some still going, when they come with literally censored garbage, by all means do so. They have already answered many times they are working on having more conservative version as an alternative additional to the original ones.

But let’s keep bitching when we don’t have anything confirmed just like people did thinking LM was releasing on the 14th.

Like seriously, I will come and support the bitching when we get skins that are literally censored and look bad. Let’s go with how little with have for now which I don’t see censor on these skins