Phantom Winter Event Dealer in Vern Castle


why is there a phantom winter event dealer in Vern Castle? Next to the chaos dungeon portal?
It has currency which is already expired, but the date says 26.10.2022 11:00.


What server are you on and what is your character name?

That’s the event guardian exchange NPC. The event portal (statue) is a few steps to the left of that NPC. Look closer and you will see it. It is an on-going event. You can see the details in patch notes.

You can do it daily on all of your characters.

The event started with the pet ranch update. Meaning you have lost 1 week of stuff exchange (honing mats mostly)

This week reset is soon but you can still get the whole shop by doing the event on all your characters. Good luck.

HI @Centeotl,

the Dealer seems to be of a former event, I guess it was around April when that kind of event was active. It looks like a leftover.

The current event dealer - Maharaka - is in the artisan district (direct translation),


There are two events active now. The Maharaka one and Mio the guardian one.

The only strange part is Mio still has a label of “Winter Event” over her head.

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Read patch notes:

Yeah the “winter event” part is the strange part. If I could get a screenshot of that, it would be helpful :slight_smile: .

It says she’s for Winter in English also. I assume it’s because they’re recycling the token npc but didn’t update her title to match the event. It was ‘winter’ the first guardian event also, even though it didn’t really make sense at the time.

Interesting, thanks!