Pheon and Stones

Kindly return that 7/7 stone, sir.

You’re not supposed to have fun if you’re not a whale. Return the stone, sell any accessories you may have purchased and go sit in the back with the rest of the poor people.

You can come back and buy 5x3 in a few months.

Thank you

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thoo i believe 8x7 stone will come eventually 1-2 week of pain :stuck_out_tongue:

i agreee probably gonna try sell it :frowning:

You’re going for 5x3 for a content that we’ll probably only get in like a year or more. But you buy all your stones and accessories at the worst time since relic only just came out and prices are whale price. :rofl:

Bro you are doing something wrong, with 7/7 you get 5x3 without engravings on neck so its super cheap with 7/7… 9/7 is for 5x3 plus 1

And i forgot that you could even end up with a reverse 9/7 which is even more tragic. That engraving that you want at lvl 2 needs to be on the 7 otherwise it becomes another 7/7.

Yes! Super cheap!

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Dammm bro probably I made mistake

How is that possible what you mean ?

You need still 5 of engraving dps and 3 from class engraving this jewels cost like crazy that’s what I am saying

What part are You asking about? Sry did not mean without any i meant without a second… 5x3 is 75 points, 2 leg engraves is 24 7/7 stone is 14 witch means you have 37 left to fill, accesories have 8 max each witch is 40 so you you can get a single 5 on neck and go for high quality instead…

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ye it make perfect sense … holy shit how stupid can you be.

The fact a relic stone is 9 pheons is a bit much. I think maybe 1? The whole pheon system IMO is stupid. I’d rather have stuff bind to account to stop people from flipping the AH.

95 blues is like 700ish gold…thats the cost for your 50 gold relic stone…it hurts when you need to kill a lot of stones to get what you want.

Pheons are okay.
but 25 for each relic piece is too much.
5-10 okay.

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