Pheon costs on SA is stupid



Looks like high demand and low supply to me :slightly_smiling_face:
Quite interesting to see poor game design shining

price is increasing around 50-100g/day. At this rate SA is gonna break 2000g for 95 crystals in 5-10 days.

Its called Free Market Economy. And its working as intended.

Edit: Currently working in favor of the Seller (Cash Player) not the Buyers (Gold Traders aka F2P)

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The low supply is affected by game design, the minimum transaction amount is affected by game design. Free market is an illusion
Cash players are the 10%, even lower in SA.
The only good thing about all this is that we finally catching up with Korea

More like capitalism working as intended
Everyone’s getting fucked while Bezos gets richier


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Uhhh u shouldnt buy tripods to try and transfer lol

now i’m curious how are prices on EUW lol

How? By people not buying crystals?

You guys understand that price is rising only because so many people are willing to pay that amount of gold for them? That’s basic economy in practice

700 right now, what’s the point of that question tho?

The biggest problem right now is that the amount of pheons we get from event or Daily logins are too meager amount leading inflation of people buying a lot of Blue crystals for Pheons. NAEast’s BC are going higher from 400-700 because people need pheons for their new alt characters.
Also RMT and bots are making a comeback is also one part of the factor.

i’ve seen multiple posts on how bad EUW market is n people quitting lost ark because server ‘dead’ so i was curious if it compares to these sa crystal prices thats all.

i dont know why people even sell for such low rates its like burning money
for 10€ u can sell 4x crystal which is on euw atm 3k or on sa with the price from above 6k
who the f spends 10€ for 6k gold !?! if it would be like 20k that would be reasonable to sell crystals but for 6k (or even more insanly 3k on euw) is just stupid would rather burn my money would be more rewarding than this

Damn that is expensive those prices higher than snoop dog