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This is just a question I have for players and hopefully CM’s can respond to this too. How much do you guys think the current cost of pheons and gold wait is affecting the game? Remember for those of us that have played for a while, yes we were given a bunch near the start, but being that the only way to keep up with current game economics, alts is the way to go for most, meaning that most of our pheons have been depleted (At least mine did).

I personally look at the exchange rate for Pheons and simply gag but I end up paying for it anyways but some folks I know discourage me from doing so because of how disgusting current exchange rates are (in the past it was llike 600gold and after 3day wait implementation, it’s currently 1,750 in Na East).

I also believe that the 3day wait has a huge roll to play in this because you’re waiting for 3 days to purchase a piece of jewelry that expires in literally 18hours so people resort to rmt’ing so that they can buy the jewelry pieces they want and then take the 3-7-14day ban knowing that “at least I’m 5x3 now” or “at least I got my leg books” or “ok I have enough pheons for this next character”.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m some economy expert so I’m just looking for a constructive conversation about some actual solutions to what, to me, is clearly and issue that’s discouraged even some of my own friends to quit.

Negative comments will legit be ignored so please act like the grown ups that you are and try to be civil. :smiley: Thank you

  1. Legitimate players can only make so much gold a week
  2. Cutting rocks for a combination to make a 5x3 setup costing lots of pheons/gold
  3. Inflation raising the prices of desirable BiS for main accessories + engraving books
  4. Prob take like maybe 3 weeks to a month to get a character 5x3 setup saving enough gold
  5. Some fomo

TLDR: The current state of the game is due to poor leadership and management decisions from AGS/SG. If they enforced harsh and effective countermeasures against bots, then most likely the Pheon/Gold situation wouldn’t have gotten to this point as rapidly and out of control as it did. It would still happen gradually under the players’ hands, but just not as fast as evident these past couple of months been. Instead, they implement ineffective soft approaches to attempt to deal with bots that only get workaround shortly afterwards rendering it ineffective, but inconvenient for actual players.

Honestly, they should have took the risk and decision to lock down all servers and then figure out a way to filter and slowly let new players in. The main counter argument to locking down servers is the possibility of this hurting the longevity of the game by cutting out new players. The thing is that the state of the game is arguably extremely unwelcoming to new players and they most likely will rage quit before even reaching the “enjoyable” content of this game. So, imo it would have been better to protect the current players, economy, etc over a small handful of new players.

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I agree with you completely.
Let’s not forget that in order to get into most legion raids or even have people join your raid, most people expect you to have 5x3 or 4x3 unless you’re lucky enough to be in an “active” guild. People complain about people complaining about not being able to get runs into anything not realizing that maybe the economy is the reason why people can’t get the 5x3 they expect you to have…

Also Stones costing pheons never made any sense to me since you cannot trade them after purchase.

This, and the fact that the game caters towards having multiple chars, but sending your alts also costs pheons. Which alone is just a kick in the groin for the time you spend on your full roster.

Remove the pheon cost for sending alts items. I mean, come on, do you AGS/SG even care what char I play on? What is even the reason behind this “pheon-wall” between chars in the same roster?

As of right now, selling good versions of relic rings, earrings and necklace is just a time consuming attempt at freeing bank space. (Good in this case being less than 90 more than 50 quality of the correct +5 +3 +).

9 pheons for a relic ability stone alone is atrocious concidering its rng as f.

Yea we’re in dire need of a pheon rework… Or even giving daily pheons like RU did/does (I’m not even sure anymore).

@Roxx I would love to hear feedback from the team if possible. If the team even plays the game, I’m sure you guys have noticed as much as we have as well?

do you need 5x3 now? no. do you need 9/7 stone? no. buy books since they are on your account forever on all characters and just get some random 7/5 stone like every normal player who knows what to do.

heres the thing. if they remove pheon cost out of stones demand will be alot higher than supply. market will be almost empty and stones are gonna be overpriced. if you are casual player you should not care about big setups anyway. if you are active player and dont have golds to afford pheons you are doing something wrong. thats the fact and you need to accept it.

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I understand what you’re saying, but in the long run, people are just quitting because of this exact reason. People I know have went from active to casual and then end up quitting because of the economy in this game. btw DPS classes, be it a casual player, will always want to see bigger numbers.
Also while I’m happy to have my 8/8/0 stone, most of my friends have spent over 50-100k for a 7/5-6 stone.

The price of books right now are horrible for most people… Granted I got mine because i saved up gold that I’ve accumulated for weeks, and have both my main and second main at 5x3 without swiping :raised_hands:. Sure books last forever and honestly the price makes sense… but this route is much slower than the other routes due to how much gold we can make per week… unless you have multiple alts 1460+ …

You might consider this as one of those “You people just want everything handed to you” situations but it really isn’t. My main gripe is simply that the exchange market prices are really REALLY bad for f2p active players…

I do appreciate the take on the pheons and stones explanation though. Makes more sense when you put it that way :+1:

I also don’t remember saying people “need” these… I’m just saying that attaining them is incredibly difficult for most.

I would like to personally guaranatee that if all the disgusting people who RMT were permabanned today, we would have affordable blue crystals tomorrow. But shameless people can’t keep their grubby mitts out of the cookie jar, so we cannot have nice things.

As for the 5x3 demand, bad players have always been bad and they will continue to deny party request from our 3x3 alts that will likely outperform them.

I have no problems with pheons, just problems with players that do not appreciate MMO etiquette.

ETA: forgot to answer your OP; yes, absolutely, the economy has been thoroughly violated since the beginning and while very difficult to quantify the exact level of impact, I would estimate more than 25% of the people who quit after playing at least 1month did so due to bots/bot gold.

AGS should have gone with draconian law in March, but here we are.

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Thanks for the answer! I agree with you as well.

Shameless people also putting accessories up to 100k+ in a dead ass market. Dead as in you can’t fill not 1 fuckin’ page up with available accessories with the necessary and acceptable stats to run your end game engravings.

I’ve seen some accessories go for 10k-35k with a completely wrong stat for a support such as crit, just because it has 2 good engravings on it.

Pheons exist yet everything is still way too expensive when keeping the current supply of viable accessories in mind.

Don’t @ me with “I don’t see the problem here, there are plenty of accessories. What are you looking for?” .

@ SGS/AGS to remove some dumbass stats that only got used in the KMMO Beta/early launch. Then maybe we’d have more usable accessories on the market.

theres still huge problem with RMT/bots. accesory flipping can be done with a script so its ruining market more and more. I still dont understand why RMT guys didnt get permaban since argos patch. ye the game will lose 20% of playerbase but imagine how fun and fair would be for active players.

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