Pheon is ruining the game

The main issue is this game is focused alot on alts, yet nobody can gear their alts cause pheon. It just makes the game unfun when you gotta waste time wiping on bosses cause your whole group is alts with shit gear. I dont blame the players but the shitty system that encourages it. If it was really for combating whales from manipulating the market, then you would just make the items bound when sold but the real reason is its a blue crystal sink which is hella greedy. You guys already make a ton of money from all the other pay to progress shit. I rarely post on forums but this pheon system has me on the edge of quitting.

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we love money!@!@!!!

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The cost of alter’s gear in terms of pheons is ridiculous. You can pay 3600 - 4000g (what is nothing) to convert to blue crystals and buy 100 pheons what is more than enough to build your characters. I have 6 chars on 1340+ and they were properly geared (2 engravings lvl 3 and perfect stats) all the way from T1 to that point WITHOUT having to buy any pheon just from daily rewards and events. The problem is not the system, is you. If you wanna quit, do it.

4000 gold is nothing i guess it’s nothing if u are a paypig or a no lifer


Oh then you are just anoter cryer who wants to play half an hour a day, still in T1 and thinks he has the rights to critize any system of the game. Everything has sense now xD

4 chars at 1370 u are dellusional to defend pheon system dilate

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Yea at this point and pheon price tag in t3, without even the possibility of accessory alt transfer, they should at least have given like 300+ pheons in the battle pass (free). Just a convenient excuse for a real money sink, and also rendering LA “market” the most boring of any mmorpg market i’ve ever played personally. I won’t ever fall in that trap and buy them pheons, and won’t even buy premium bp for this reason.


So 4 chars at 1370 and “4000 is too much” XDDDDDDDDDD
Nothing more to say.

Yes it is and it’s an insult just to have to pay 4000 for the ability to buy off the market,you are dellusional stop @ me paypig

You dont even have a character in T2 mate but no problem, just another LA forum user ^^

Slurp it paypig

I have 5 alts at 1340. it still doesnt change the fact its a shitty system and greedy. The only ones that like it are p2w whales and no lifes like yourself.

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Aaaaaand that’s the kind of ppl who critize the pheon system. That’s why they will never change it :slight_smile:

Delusional pheon defenders be like:


5 alts on 1340 calling someone nolifer hmm… more than 2IQ? I mean i know the answer seeing your post but want to confirm.

Because the way i talk fuckin matters and its objective to truth fking snowflake DILATE

Well little cryers, good luck trying to change it.
Im going to still playing instead of wasting time here crying about the fact that you are that noobs that can’t do 4k gold to build their entire roster.
Tell me when you quit the game!

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You’re either a defensive dev or masochist

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pheons are necessary… for whales and AGS/SMG

Also why the fuck would I waste all my pheons on alts 1340 gear, just have to upgrade it again once they hit 1370.