Pheon - It's necessary have it?

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I would really like to raise a question, which maybe has already been discussed here, but I don’t see a real importance to it.

What is the need for an in-game currency called Pheon? It is necessary for the purchase and sale of items in the Market, a currency that is only farmable by Gold, converting into blue crystals, and the Market of the game is necessary for the economy of the game itself, character development, etc…

What is the real need for this? Don’t come with terms, the company needs to make money, etc. There are already skins, honning materials in the store, several other ways. Why add another difficulty ?

Share your opinions, with respect.

Best regards!

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Not really. It’s just an annoying barrier


I think Pheons are there so people don’t flip accessories on the market, the only stupid thing about this system is that you can’t transfer accessories to your alt characters for free because you have to pay pheons to do so, but in my opinion pheons for auction house are a good idea as mentioned before it kind of prevents flipping.


Not 100% correct, atleast in our version where pheons are gold.

To hinder flipping you could just increase the gold fee from 5% to 20/30% for accessories, which would work far better on high-priced items without undermining trade with mediocre gear for small amounts of gold.

The main reason is that pheons create a constant necessity to purchase blue crystals if you wanna equip your characters, securing royal crystals sell for gold.

=> cashgrab


It’s a flat tax that prevents the selling of non-bis accessories/tripods.


Another predatory Cash grab otherwise we could send stuff to our alts without that penalty…



probably the answer for this


Mark my words. When relic/ancient gear releases the outrage will begin. The white knights will slowly fade into darkness


It will become a problem for two reasons

  1. obviously relic gear is expensive
    but also
  2. alts will reach argos content and need legendary engravings. Good luck spending 150+ pheons per alt. The dogshit random engraving setup won’t carry ya very far soon enough

While the game has an enormous bot population and players are still buying millions of gold from 3rd party sellers. :stuck_out_tongue:


The main problem right now is that most people dont even notice the extra fee they’re paying as long as they have free pheons.
This will change with higher gear because prices increase and free pheons are spend so people will have to buy them and realise that they aren’t paying 100g for an accessory but 100+700/1750(depending if legendary or relic) in pheons.

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i like that Pheon system, cause it prevents Market bots from auto buy/sell the endgame market.

and yes there are already market bots… saw a vid how this just buys everything to a certain price automatically

I spend pheons on my alts. I wont get accepted into groups fast enough otherwise. And playing with shit stats and engravings is boring. I pay for fun as of now.

Gearing my main with higher tier will be costly. Im aware. If the cost outweighs the fun I will simply quit.


Not really as long as they buy expensive items pheons costs are negligible while they hinder trading mediocre aka cheaper items a lot.
You could increase the gold fee instead.

If you increase the fee you cripple the economy of all players , and alot of people would have even more problems to generage gold, what would inecrease the illegal gold buy market even more

Id rather pay a higher gold fee for gear than have a secondary currency. Pheons are solely for revenue purposes.

You’re aware that pheons are a fix fee right?
So they punish trading low price items while allowing flipping of high price items.
If you increase % fee prices it might increase prices for items above 7k buy reduce prices below, especially on mediocre items for 100-1000g

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Pheons are just an annoyance, they serve no actual purpose outside of giving streamers something else to rage about, let me tell you how to handle pheons.

When you have some extra gold early in the week use the exchange and buy about 300 blue crystals, its not crazy expensive. Now just buy the pack of 30 pheons for 270 blue crystals, and hold onto them.

Do that every time you have a little extra $ before you blow it and just stockpile the 30 bundles BECAUSE at 1370+ ONE accessory will cost you 15 pheons plus the gold, so save them up.

I mean you could rage about it, and make 10 more threads and videos, or you can just accept it, move on, and stop being triggered, its as simple as that.

See you when an accessory costs 45+ pheons each and when your weekly allowance money all go into buying pheons instead of actual items/skins/honing/etc. It is about to get worse and worse still in the future.

The way they can make them “tollerable” is to constantly reduce the pheon cost of previous raids accessories to 1/2/3/whatever-low and keep the latest ones at 15 or whatever. And remove pheon cost on ability stones, that’s just plain stupid. That way they still get to get paid for transactions while we get to gear some alts without spending a fortune - honing is already bad enough to bring their ilvl up. Maybe make it a research when you pass that content with your main - just as with honing rates increase one.


In its current form they are pure cash grab garbage.

  • Why do we have them for t1/2 gear? (early gear is very cheap anyway, you cant flip market with something that isnt worth much… besides that, theres trade limit on gear)

  • Why do we need pheons for ability stones? (they become bound once traded)

  • Why do I have to pay full pheon price to just transfer my gear to my alt? (doesnt make sense, someone may say… “so you cant transfer ur bis gear between 6 of ur zerkers” etc. but you cant do that anyway, due to trading limit)

  • Pheon pricing should get reduced. Imagine paying 35+ pheons for upcoming relic gear. Good luck. Besides that, shouldnt its price scalle with used trades limit? Why 1 trade gear have to cost same amount of pheons as 3 trade gear which still can be re-sold?

  • Why they are limited to cash shop only? Im not saying they are pointless, but right now it feels like some kind of $$$ gating. They could be added as weekly reward, lets say something similar to Una gold chest.