Pheon - It's necessary have it?

if there are already market bots HOW do pheons prevents them? rofl

it just makes the game worse nobody buys decent accessory if they reach new tiers from blue to epic etc and nobody ( well almost nobody) buys them for alts and then alts run around with grudge 1 heavy armor 1 and 1 negative stat and ppl complain why nobody does damage in guardien raids /abyss …


You can literally beat Argos with shit engravings because it’s so easy to beat.

People aren’t even willing to buy potions for alts so what makes you think they will spend gold for gear?

You can beat argos without even joining the fight. Just stay in a corner and wait for your proper team beat it.

Yeah, so what?

You are making it seem like u need 3333 or even 333 to beat Argos when you don’t even need it.

Also you can get 333 with purple accessories so it doesn’t cost that many pheons.

they would xD and let´s say they need 5 pots/ guardien raid that would be 5x7g on my server aka 45g you get decent blue T3 accessorys for like 100g that last you longer hen pots nad idk i never had problems with ppl no using pots

Lemme put it on a simple way so you can understand

If you are not with a proper setup, you are being carried
If you want to play the game and be carried, good for you
Ignore this if you are support with any resemblance of a proper build.

If you want to be useful, you need gear.


Even with 33 you can perform fine and not be carried so I don’t know what you are talking about.

Yeah keep coping xD

ok so where do you get 3 3 from? let´s say you got 2 diff. epic engravings you still need 2x 6 points abilitty stones? = pheons accessorys= pheons ppl with 3 3 or below don´t spend shit

I have said it in many other threads and ill say it again. I have geared a few alts, i have 3x4 engravings, spent over 100 pheons just going for a 6/6 ability stone that i did jot even really need at this point with the easy content we have released currently. I will never understand how anyone has problems with pheons. I still have over 150 and i have not bought a single one. With that being said i am all for them removing pheons so we can watch and see if the AH becomes almost unusable due to scalping and such or if it actually does nothing. Either way it does not affect me except i’d definately be making more gold off peeps so it would be a plus for me if they removed it.

problems is that you cant get group with shitty engravings :stuck_out_tongue:
from 7 friends that started playing with me 2 are still in game + they are 1400+ s they piss on my 1395 GS as no one will go to p3 with me :stuck_out_tongue:

i don´t either but not everyone got 300 free pheons and do you rly think it´s a good thing that T3 blue accessorys cost 5 pheons= ~250g rn and a decent blue T3 accessory itself maybe 50-100g?

So using your example here. Lets say then the value of the blue accesories are 300g. When the pheons are removed, a rich person depending on servers can buy out the entire stock of lets say ignite accesories for instance. They then increase the value by 100% and continue to buy out those accesories with absolutely no limitation. Gold tax? Who cares because you now control the market on those accesories and you will profit if there is a demand for said accesories.

It litteraly happens in real life. You think it wont happen in game? Like look at pokemon cards for instance. The anniversary premium box was mrsp at $114 ish but sold for $400 to $500 if you did not get it in time as they got scalped.

i mean they can do the same thing for expensive items rn i did the same bought a really good item for 900g and sold it for 3.8k
and ppl do this on the daily with honing mats etc so whats the differents ( ofc profit is only big with big amounts of honing mats)

Yes they can but it is limited. You did it once. I am talking about the entire market and every single good accesory. That will happen with ever item. A 200% increase in price.(actually 300%+ increase i thought you said 2.8k)

Pheons being removed will not balance the ah. Once again i am okay with it thouggh because the rich will get richer without pheons and i can get down with that.

No not really just a reason for me not to use the market so I don’t fell like I need to buy Pheons to get stuff.

i did it once bc i only checked one time ^^ but they can do it now with BiS accessorys if pheon price + price of the item is lower then markte value i get your point but if resellers are a problem just make them only tradeble ones

EDIT: why do abillity stones have pheon costs then? you can´t flipp them

That would be nice but wouldn’t prevent flipping sadly