Pheon system is completely absurd

For a free to play game and player, it is insanely frustrating to achieve any amounts of pheons. The 9 per week WILL not help anyone. That is enough to buy 1 stone for a CHANCE at even getting what you want on the stone. Aside from that, being able to swap to a different engraving build when it comes to buying jewelry is just completely absurd and almost unachievable in a F2P state.

This system being in place “to counteract bots” is just an excuse to make the player lean more towards spending real money in the cash shop. All these preventions being put in place to prevent bots and the only people suffering are the legit actual players.

My situation being I want to have a GvG build but it is nearly impossible to achieve because the Pheon system is so oppressive and unnecessary. A disgusting marketing strategy.


Pheons are not there to “counteract bots”…
So ur right that they dont help with that

They also dont help with making the constant crybabys quit the game

Use some of u gold to buy pheons if u need them
If u need more than 1 set of accessories for ur char then u might have to save up for it

Dont expect as a free2play player that u instantly have all the gold to throw around and get everything whenever u want

Dont know how many chars u have
But if u have a few to generate gold u should also have some to get pheons if the free ones are not enough/to slow for u

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Nobody wants to spend literal months grinding some fetch sim BS to even have the option to have a new build.

Pheon system is trash and you sitting here licking the boots of Amazon further fortifies the trash system and the trash playerbase that enables this type of marketing system.


we complain about pheons since argos, they refuse to say anything about it, and they keep giving us 9 pheons per week, and 25 pheons cost for one damn relic item, its pathetic. With 1k gold for 95 crystals

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Pheons aren’t for bots, it’s to prevent players from controlling the market too easily and serves as another ‘incentive’ to swipe.

All my friends quit because of that and I am at 38 pheons of doing the same.

And if they dont?. Imagine this wild, wild, wild scenario: they are new players. Imagine this other: they dont want more than 1 char

100 pheons = 14.850G in my server (I think is more now)

Why there is a trade limit in items?

It is a stupid system and I honestly believe the main function is to make f2p players have to interact with the cash shop bc they wouldn’t otherwise. Hopefully they will one day at least lower the cost on accessories cause it also affects gameplay when people can’t afford the pheons to gear alts. Im pretty sure thats why some of the matchmaking experience is what it is rn

Speak for yourself. I don’t mind Pheons and understand the reasons for their existance.

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ok whats the reason, we read u , come on

  1. required currency to keep gold/bc exchange rolling,
  2. prevents people from literally emptying the ability stone market,
  3. while it doesn’t prevent flipping it gives every ability stone and accessory an initial value, depending on the current playerdriven exchange rate,
  4. they are an additional tax without being a direct gold sink unlike quality upgrades

Just to name a few. You may not like it but they have their use. Besides, our system is fair given the fact that you can use ingame gold to purchase them - absolutely zero money needed. Unlike KR where you purchase them directly with RC, not BC.

They give out enough free pheon for everyone to gear up one or two characters and past that point you generate enough income to fund further characters. I see no issues here, other than people being cheap and / or not getting instant gratification. Pheons exist to regulate and slow down the market while being a good source of income (rc > gold/bc) for the publisher.

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1.6k gold in his region, 1k gold in my region, but sure, it works so damn good.

stone 20 or 30 gold, i bought tons of them cause even if i need to buy pheons, its still doable to buy a lot of them when they are cheap. And for stones 3k gold each, u need 30k just to buy 10 of them, pheons wont change anything , its just a free ultra waste of gold for nothing.
A huge invalid, wrong, fake argument.

no, what makes something more cheap or more expensive is the numbers of those in the market. U can see an item 30k gold and 10k gold 2 days later cause many people droped the same item randomly. In what world pheons are the reason a ring spe/grudge5/hit master3 will have an “initial value”. Item has value cause many people play sorceress igniter, and many people want that shit, its just natural inflation.

ok so what ? how is it a good thing ? market tax us already whenever we sell something. So how this additional tax is good for the market ? I dont get it ?

The situation in SA has nothing to do with pheons or the gold / bc exchange. Maybe look up their regions population, local pricing and compare it to their average income before making uneducated guesses. Stopped reading here, have a nice day.

cause 1k gold is reasonable in my region ? haha, run away man, try to defend things u dont even understand

Yep, it is.

p.S: Can we get some transparency please [about reduce shop prices for LA servers]

For the next time you feel pulling the SA card while pretending to be smart. You can thank me later :wink:

it is ? how 9k gold to buy 100 pheons, which is only 4 relic items is reasonable ? come on explain to me

“oh no I have to convert a small potion of my weekly gold in order to purchase the items I’ll wear 6+ months.”


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?? 9k gold just to be able to buy 4 items, + the price of those items, and i have to do this on 6 characters, what kind of ego u have kid ?

You don’t have to do anything. If gearing out 6 character is too expensive for you then kindly consider playing less. Imagine wanting to gear those characters as a permanent investment and gold generation to your roster but being too cheap for some pheon.

Let me guess, you are one of those hardstuck 2x3 Yoho enjoyers? Discussion ends here, I don’t speak poverty.

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0 argument, now u are blaming the way im playin even u dont know shit about me, u are just a white knight kiddo, u never think, u follow the movement. Did u take ur 4 shot of vaccine cause medias told u to ? I bet u did , good boy

“Discussion Ends here”

Talking like your the end all say all lmao. Nobody wants to spend IRL money to the extent that you do. Too much of an ego coming from your neckbeard. You’re just a literal fanboy of a game you enjoy so you’re defending it with your life without acknowledging the oppressive marketing strategies used to force players to spend IRL money.

Literally zero argument here except you keep implying you have money to sink into this terribly unenjoyable and repetitive game that is just a record on repeat. Lul.

Brag about RMTing some more. Again, nobody cares about your opinion when the fact is - the Pheon system is garbage.