Pheongate and SH form is win win for AGS

So basically all these scandals are win win for AGS because people who are free to play might quit the game (as some did) and those who spend probably won’t. AGS wants to populate the servers with as many p2w players and as little f2p players, because as f2p you generate close to no revenue but yet you create traffic in the servers. If you quit as f2p is very welcome for AGS as they have to pay less for servers. Also they know p2w and light spenders won’t quit the game over 10 pheons or a dark sh form. They don’t care for steam charts also because the game is populated with bots and no matter how many people quit the chars will still look good. Games are made for money and money only. Some companies exploit this more some less. This is how mmorpg games work!

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I think it’s more look at the forest and not the tree. Don’t think most f2p/p2w people will quit over 10 pheons or dark shform. However, people “looking for an excuse to quit” would quit. The f2p players in my guild aren’t complaining, and they are doing well in terms of gear progression.

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