Pheons ability stones

Hi, i was thinking a lot in this in the 4 months i’m be playing this game.
In the first time that i played, i couldn’t understand why the pheon’s exist, it’s really weird for me, because in all the mmo’s that i played before, i never see other type of coin that you need for could use the market. I understand it’s a form to regulate the market and the gold value, and i don’t thinks it is a bad idea actually, it’s really good and have sense.
The problem i have with this system it’s for the ability stones. It’s such a frustating that something that have a RNG cost pheons, because nothing assures you that you gonna have the ability point than you gonna need. That becomes and a lot of gold than you need to waste in one characater.
This game have a limit weekly gold that you can get, and for this reasonm the game ecourage you to have a lot of alters, because that’s the better way (free to play) than you can get more gold. But because de ability stones have a RNG system, you can´t equipment correctly unless you spend money in the game.
That’s why i think that the ability stones shouldn’t cost Pheon’s.
This is the only thing i belive that make this game pay to win.

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If ability stones didnt cost pheons, their price would sky rocket. Id constantly buy stones to get 9/7 and thered be none left in shop for ppl that want 7/7

At their new higher price it would be the same as converting gold to blue crystals and buying pheons at 5k for 100. So nothing would rly change

Yes there are a few systems in the game that are just pure gold sinks basically. Relic quality is a other thing. Legendary engraving books. But you have to look at it as a slow, long term process. You don’t need a 9/7 stone and legendary engraving books for 5x3+1 right now. You can easily breeze through every content with 4x3. So every week you buy a few stones. Every week you buy a few legendary books. You do one or two quality upgrade tries. And eventually you get there. First thing you do though is invest in your roster. Play a lot of fun classes and get them to 1430+ to enjoy legion raids and maximize gold income. The game is soo much fun in that zone I think!

I’m spending more than 300 pheons and I didn’t get a stone 7 7 for my main it’s ridiculous

Not a gold sink nor a market flipper control, nor is it to control prices of items. Come on people…It’s their PRIMARY revenue source…period…


This is pure :billed_cap: :rofl:

U think cost of ability stones would stay the same if they didnt have an additional pheon cost?

Brain does not compute

Yes i think thats the case for most ppl on this forum. Ability stones have a limited supply which wont increase. But if pheons are removed, demand would increase - which would increase their price

So you get 9/7 every single time? noice. Price wont SkY rOcKeT because there is some sort of a “potential” 9/7 in every single stone that you buy; that reasoning is beyond ridiculous.

Im gonna make really simple so you compute with me.**t. EVEN MORE when you put that system in RNG rocks. There is absolutly no reason whatsoever to put that disgusting system in rocks; EXCEPT!! of course…profit.

Now, if YOU tell me that you are getting 9/7 in each of the stones that you buy, then yes, you are right, they would even have to charge even more pheons.
Stop trolling bro, I’m going to start to think that one of the people on the forum who doesn’t compute is you

What? Id buy all the stones to TRY and get 9/7. What do u mean id get it every try? Lol

Because more ppl would buy them it would increase their price

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people keep coming up with the “main revenue” idea, how many people do you know that buy royals just to turn them into pheons?

And once you got the stone, then what? You’d keep buying them? Where do these limited number of stones keep coming from? It’s almost as if they are constantly dropping and almost like the demand isn’t infinite.

The prices would spike at first as more whales with bottomless wallets go for their stone, sure, but all the whales I know have been doing that even with pheons with their daily cutting. Once they get the stone guess what they’ve done? They’ve stopped cutting because there’s no longer a reason to do so. Eliminating that demand. And guess what else, each day they look at the market there were even more stones available than when they last looked. Surely this means more were dropping and being listed…

Stop simping for AGS/SG Pheons are not and never were needed in the West or KR as much as you’d like to think otherwise. They exist purely as yet another source of revenue them and do nothing but further cauterize this game’s reputation as p2w while creating a huge source of contention within the player base just wanting to enjoy their mains/alts.

As to my evidence - literally every other game in existence with a market. They amazingly function quite well without a trace of pheons. Hell even Diablo Immortal didn’t stoop to applying a real money tax to their markets. Though that may change in an upcoming patch, you never know lol

lol, pheons are already incorporated into the cost of buying ability stones, remove pheons and ability stones just increase by 1.8k or whatever the cost is in pheons currently. nothing would change other than no longer having to interact with the blue crystal market. you wouldn’t be buying anymore than you are right now

Ya… thats what im saying… prices would increase… so why complain about pheons? Just convert gold to blue crystals and buy them instead of complaining about pheons

What he say is true though… if there is no pheons the price of ability stone will be much higher this is simply just true. If you don’t understand why I think we have a bigger problem here

And again you can hold both position you can agree with this statement and also agree that pheons is annoying

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Id need to cut 1000 stones to get a 9/7 and its still not guaranteed. Is there a 1000 of any stone in the AH right now?

Do you know how supply and demand works? A stone that costs 500 now would prob go up to 1000 gold to match what it costs to buy pheons. So pheons literally do not increase the price of the stone. Or do u think a stone that costs 500 gold now would still cost 500 gold if pheons were removed?

Are you that lucky do you just drop grudge keen blunt stone every time you do chaos dungeon ? It the case there isn’t enough supply of Good ability stone… everyone gonna want Grudge Plus another good damage engraving . And support want expert and awakening.

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@tankyzz The point is it would eventually happen. And even whales have an upper limit on what they are willing to pay per stone, which is why I said it would go up for sure - very likely to around the cost of a pheon. Even then I’d actually wager it would be lower than that simply because there’s something offputting when someone goes to but something for <1k gold vs 5k vs 10k a pop. It’s why gatcha games use secondary currencies so the cost is hidden.

@Somnus Good thing I’m not the one solely stocking the market right? It’s almost is if it’s the combined drops of every players on the server. And as I stated above, everyone has their limits for what they are willing to spend so the market would stabilize. If the market gets bought out then it means even the highest priced stone was within someone’s limit of what they are willing to spend to pull the lever. Pheons do not stop this from happening already, so literally nothing changes but the cost is now sunk in gold and market taxes (as an actual gold sink) and not just lining AGS/SG’s pocket because we wanted to trade with one another or our own alts.

Yeah but it wouldnt drop for at least 1 year because the supply of stones is too low compared to how many u need on avg to get a 9/7. And by the time it drops down wed have a new type of stone to cut (epic > legendary > relic > something new). Whales have bought legendary books and the prices are still going up

So currently pheons help u get stones for cheaper because you get pheons for free from events/daily logins, etc. this basically puts gold in ur pocket for free

At the end of the day, if the only way to get pheons was with RC, i would agree with these posts. But u can get pheons with gold, so it makes no difference - the current gold market price of pheons are due to the supply and the cost of pheons to get them