Pheons and Stuff

I believe the main goal of pheons is to create a constant demand for blue crystals. Take out pheons and there isn’t a steady demand for blue crystals. It used to be Mari’s shop but that’s only at the start of the game before the economy settles in. Skins are once a month max and that’s only assuming you want that month’s skin

I wish we got more pheons. Already bought 200 pheons and need to buy more :frowning:

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I will write this out for you in case you don’t get the other remarks about your statement from the other players.

Ability Stones can not be flipped because they are bound on purchase.

Thank you.

I hate the pheon system and it makes playing alts less enjoyable because you get cucked by the stupidly high prices for accessories regardless if they cost 30 or 30.000 gold.
It also makes it more painful to play with other people’s alts because some people are not ready to invest 10k + just for pheons to gear them which makes Yoho, Argos P1 , P2 a nightmare experience.


But but but… it prevents market flipping


I was very frustrated with pheon system for weeks due to the amount of gold required to get them and then as soon as hitting the next ilvl block needing even more. But now I’m getting used to it and dealing with it. All you need is for a god tier accessory to drop and you can buy multiple stacks of 100 to use how you please. The truth is that this is the main system the game has to generate profits. If you couldn’t trade gold and crystals I imagine they would never have been able to develop the game out as they have. It’s a necessary evil.

Falls man Pech hat kauft man schon 1 bis 4 mal das 100 Pheons Parket um ein t 3 Relikt Stein so zurollen das er Perfekt ist…
4 mal fail mit 75 % sind dabei auch keine Seltenheit… :rofl: Eine richtige Goldgrube für Kristall Verkäufer :wink:

Dont know if there is any good reasson. But it is what it is. As someone else said just add a price of pheons to anything you buy. Like I spent 24k gold getting a 7 7 stone. like 21k of it was for pheons. But it’s a rock that will last me for months so 24k gold isnt that bad.

I spent mine gearing my characters for T3. Just wait, you’ll get there too and also have to suffer :confused:

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Damn thats a lot, I only bought a legendary rock last night but on my second Rock I rolled an 8-6 and 1 on the negative stat. Pretty crazy.

I’m in T3 i’m waiting on Vykas to drop. Determining if i want to bash my head in hard mode with pugs first or go into normal first.

I only spent pheons on stones and bought like 1 piece to finish off my mains set. All my alts are just at 3x3 for now because they are only at 1370.