Pheons and Tripod Upgrades

It is the most gross display of Pheons cost imo.

7 pheons for 10% chance at affixing it to gear… 70 pheons doesn’t even guarantee one tripod success. there are 18 tripods to fill (not every slot is used on all builds… but for wardance it does…)

70 x 18 = 1260 pheons. 100 pheons are 850 crystals… which equates to 11050 blue crystals for 1300 pheons for 18 tripods more or less.

This is fucking crazy imo.

This is why you buy either 433 or 443 tripod gear, save it in your tripod inventory, and sell it back.
Work on the 3s later slowly.

People unironically buy tripod gear?

Guess me and my friend group just get lucky with drops. We all have mostly 3 & 4 tripods without buying any tripod gear from the market.

That’s fucking BS. I’ve been doing 1445 choas since release and I got two 4 tripods from the drops to date. Yours are probably mostly 3s without many 4s. Like if you are not trying for tripods then this obviously doesnt affect you?

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Or you could just transfer the ones you loot. Those cost no pheons. Or you can buy 4/4/3 gear inventory transfer it…then resell it.

No it still costs you 7 pheons. But good luck finding 2 4s that you need. You usually have to settle for one 4 and affix the other two.

you do know there is a search feature

thank you for spending your time with that worthless reply, the time you should have spent to better your reading comprehension.

Why the rush though? Given the shitty drop rate of tripods and the fact that relic tier has been around for 3 weeks there wont be a whole lot of options in the market.

If you MUST minmax everything right at this moment the shitty 10% chance and pheons is the price you have to pay.

I never knew such a thing existed where you can transfer tripods using pheons. I wish I never read this thread to begin with. At least I have knowledge now that I see pheons is used for tripods as well but I’ll avoid using this system and only use pheons on the market board. I’m fine with collecting gear through chaos dungeons and getting it through there to use on my gear.

isn’t there a change to the tripod system coming that the director talked about in the same stream where he announced he was stepping down?