Pheons are killing the market

Yes, it’s doing exactly the opposite it’s meant to prevent, “keeping the market healthy by protecting it from gold flippers” (it’s actually an excuse to add extra money grab but they obviously can’t say that).

There’s no blue/purple accesories in the market at all, because literally no one is buying them, engraving combinations that aren’t in meta builds do not show up at all in any rank at any tiers, because people aren’t buying them due to pheons so no one bothers selling them. This makes gearing alts under 1370 a complete waste of time, and even at 1370 and above, unless you’re playing one of the 2 meta builds for your classs you simply will not find accesories and farming them is just not realistic.

“Just grind through the lower tiers with trash gear/engravings” is not a fun option for me, plain and simple.

Tldr; stop being greedy and let people use the market, whales aren’t spending most of their gold on pheons anyway, don’t be stupid.


it “helps” the market by preventing u funnel from/to your alts :rofl:

most ppl just play on dead meat 2x+9 class engravings until 1370 or just even play without proper engraving. which making low tier guardians a pain in the butt

this basically is encouraging ppl to run “bus”

pheons are meant to monetize gearing up characters. There is no other reason it would be attached to a currency that is primarily a shop currency.

I don’t think its great for the game design, as it makes changing builds, or playing alts difficult, but they probably make tons of money from pheons.

its not really about whales, its all players. it creates a greater demand for crystals, makes people sell more gold. which they get paid for

You couldn’t have said ANY BETTER. Im freaking sick of this system. Im completely stuck with a single build for all my chars because i just can’t buy anything else due to pheons. I can’t sell either. I rolled an alt last week and im making more money on tier 2 class gear than on my main on the auction house, because? Pheons. Wanna prevent flipping just add 1 trade limit or two.

And you’re correct as well, im not putting anything else than the meta stuff on the AH, heck, im close to only listing the absolutely BIS stuff because otherwise it sits there rotting on AH and in my bag. Just not worth it. What a crap piece of s*** system. Please do something about it.

EDIT: Also, i’ve recently made a mistake on my engraving calculations for my main, and guess what? im absolutely f**ed. Gold broke and out of Pheons, YAY


Pheons are the only reason that RMT people don’t get banned cause they need to pay in-game as well cause of pheons

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Ye, the KR Market is totally destroyed and SG doesnt care, game is literally unplayable…kappa

What does mean “kappa”?

It represents sarcasm.

I think even without pheon most people dont spend 5-10k gold to do 3x3 for 1340 alt.
The only reason you want to do that because you want to skip lega accesory and my opinion its not wroth it

What would be nicer is something similar to raids, is the accessories that drop end up being as close to your class as possible.

For example Artillerist might get items with barrage or firepower enhancement on them with another random engraving stat, this would be good in Chaos Dungeons too.

As said without pheons or in some cases with some people a nice amount of gold, gearing your main or alts is ridiculously reliant on being super lucky. And also they need to increase the quality of said items per tier of Chaos Dungeon too, the highest offer from 60-100 quality and nothing lower. Doing top tiers and then getting low quality about 1-20 is annoying when they even have good stuff on them.

But yeah Pheons aren’t doing well, they say it’s to stop flipping, but it doesn’t anyway, you see something that is dirt cheap than it should be, people will use up their pheons to resell it to make more gold. Pheons just hurt people, would be nice if pheons maybe dropped in Chaos Dungeons only in your first 2 runs per day, or just get rid of pheons all together.

Not to mention people still manipulate the market freely with Leapstones and other horning materials, which are the easiest to flip, more than a mediocre accessory with off-meta engravings ever could.

But yeah, it never really was about preventing flipping.

The obvious solution, if it ABSOLUTELY has to stay, is to make it cost Pheons to put an item in the action house after it’s become untradable, and everything else is free trade.

Mean kappa what does is

Pheons in the end are just another gold sink/ money grab system. If they were actually there just to regulate market, the why would sell them in their shop? Whales can still flip or whatever, and make even more money.

The result is just being limited to properly gear only the main char and a couple of alts at lower ilvl and having badicslly no market for non-perfect gear.